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Reprographics FAQs

You can place an order in person, by telephone or by email.

Booking time to work alongside our designers is a very effective method of achieving your goals quickly and accurately. Some jobs are straightforward and a simple phone call or email may be sufficient.

We have several laminators available in various sizes. Some of our laminators can be ready for use within a few minutes, and these are suitable for posters and banners up to a maximum of 600mm wide. For posters between 600-1000mm wide we have a heavy-duty laminator which takes at least 45 minutes to reach operating temperature.

We can print to a maximum of 1m x 15m.

Some orders can be produced while you wait. However, some specialist jobs (eg. outdoor signs, swing signs) may take a little longer whilst materials and equipment are made available to complete the order. During our busy periods some delays can be expected.

We offer a range of different size calendars from as little as £1.50. If you are planning a Christmas calendar then we would prefer to complete your design by the end of October. To guarantee delivery before Christmas we have to receive your order by the end of November.

Our photographer, Paul Stephens, is available for calendar photographs. To avoid disappointment, please book him as early as possible.

If creating your booklet in MS Word or MS Publisher, please ensure you have set your page size to the size of the finished booklet (ie. A5 pages for an A5 booklet). Please do not use any advanced features like Booklet or Book. If using MS Word, use a Page Break (Insert>Break: Page Break) to start a new page. This will allow us to identify any formatting discrepancies that may appear when the document is viewed on different computers.

For establishments with an SLA with us, we only charge for the material cost of producing the order on our equipment. Wherever possible, we will look for the most efficient method of producing your order to ensure you receive the best possible price.

Currently we offer wall signs (max 2.4m x 1m), pavement swingers and vinyl banners.

Currently we print approx 40,000 books each summer. To ensure your books are ready for September, you will need to place an order with us by the end of June at the latest.