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Recycling Guide

Please put Christmas wrapping paper out for refuse collection with your wheeled bins or black bags.

The guide below shows what you can and can't recycle as part of our kerbside service. The information is relevant for those who still have a green recycling box and clear recycling bags for all of their recycling.

If you are on our Recycle+ service (white hessien sacks, black boxes) see the Recycle+ page for your recycling guide.

If you are unsure what recycling scheme you are on, you can check online and download a calendar

If you need more equipment for recycling we are happy to provide it. Choose what items you need, fill in your name and address and we will deliver them.

What can I put in my:

     Recycling box                             Recycling bags                     Food Waste Caddy         Wheelie bin/black bags

RRR Glass box            RRR recycling bags            image of food waste caddies             Black bin and bags

What goes in your recycling box:

RRR mixed glass   Image of tins and cans RRR Aerosol symbol   image of foil
Glass bottles (all colours)

Tins and cans

Aerosol cans e.g. deodorant or hairspray

Clean foil, scrunched up

Glass jars (all colours)

Metal lids and caps from jars and bottles


Clean foil food trays

Please do not include:
Toughened glass e.g. car windows.
Window panes.
China or crockery.
Drinking glasses.
Partially full containers

Please do not include:
Paint tins.
Please do not include:
Lids (these go in with your plastic recycling)
Please do not include:
Plastic foil e.g. crisp packets

What goes in your recycling bags:
(Separate bag for each of the columns below) 

Recycling bags should be tied securely and set out no earlier than the night before the day of collection

image of mixed plastic packaging  image of mixed paper image of cardboardimage of tetrapak image of mixed textiles image of garden waste

Plastic bottles e.g. pop, shampoo, milk, bleach bottles. 

Paper and magazines

Corrugated cardboard (please remember to break up before bagging, as otherwise it won't fit on our collection vehicles)


Grass cuttings, weeds and leaves

Plastic food tubs, pots and trays.

Phone directories

Drinks cartons like juice and long-life milk

Bedding covers and sheets

Flowers - both cut and contents of hanging baskets and potted plants

Plastic bottle tops or lids (please remove from the bottle)

Catalogues and junk mail Food sleeves, cereal boxes and egg boxes Shoes

Hedge prunings, bark, twigs, sticks and branches (less than 5cm thick)

Plastic bags 

Envelopes (plain / padded)

Toilet / kitchen roll tubes


Sawdust and wood chippings


Bubble wrap

Shredded paper (please place at the bottom of the box)


Greetings cards

  Real Christmas trees (broken up and bagged)

Please do not include:
Film (including pallet wrap).
Hard plastics e.g. garden furniture, coat hangers.
CD/DVD cases.
Crisp packets.
Pet food pouches.
Plastic plant pots or trays.
Containers for engine oil or paint.
Partially full containers.

Please do not include:
Animal bedding.
Wrapping paper.
Kitchen roll.
Tissues or wet wipes.
Laminated paper.

Please do not include:
Cartons that haven't been washed out first.
Large corrugated cardboard units that haven't been broken up (as it will not fit on our collection vehicles).
Plastic film - please remove where possible.

Please do not include:
Duvets, pillows or cushions.
Good quality items that could be reused e.g. donate to a charity shop.
Please do not include:
Soil, compost, rubble, timber or stones.
Invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed, Himalayan Balsam and Ragwort.
Tree stumps or thick branches.
Animal bedding.


What goes in your food waste caddy:                             What goes in your black bags/wheelie bin:

image of food waste     image of black bag rubbish
Any raw or cooked food:

Meat and fish - raw and cooked, including bones

Fruit and vegetables - raw, cooked and peelings

Dairy products e.g. cheese

Bread, cakes and pastries

Rice, pasta and beans

Uneaten food from your plates and dishes

Teabags, tea and coffee grounds

Egg shells

Please do not include:
Packaging of any sort.
Plastic bags.
Oil or liquid fat.
Newspaper or kitchen roll.
Food in packets (e.g. out of date items).
Animal waste of any sort.


General household rubbish which cannot be recycled.

Please do not include:
Any waste which can be recycled.
Business waste.
Soil or rubble.
Car parts or tyres.
Hazardous waste e.g. Asbestos.
Clinical waste e.g. syringes.
Electrical equipment or batteries.

  If you are on our Recycle+ service, see the Recycle+ page for your recycling guide.