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January 2020

Cllr. Annette Wingrave
Cllr. Annette Wingrave

The Review of the current Local Development Plan (LDP) has started

The existing Local Development Plan, was adopted in January 2016. In accordance with guidance, as it is 4 years since the Plan was adopted the Council is now required to embark on a review of the Plan.

The Review Report evaluates the extent to which the adopted plan is functioning effectively and the type of review (either short form or full) which the Council proposes, based on the evidence collected and the findings of the preceding Annual Monitoring Reports (AMR).

The Draft Review Report is currently being taken through the democratic process and is scheduled to be presented to Full Council on 29th January. Once approved, it will be subject to a 6 week consultation period.

 Any comments received will be addressed in a Consultation Report, which will set out any changes required and reported back to Full Council.

It is anticipated that the final Review Report (as amended) will be published in May / June 2020.



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For more information in regard to any aspect of the preparation of the LDP, you can contact the LDP Team direct either by telephone:[01639] 686821 or e-mail:

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Councillor Annette Wingrave

(Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Local Development Plan)