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April 2019

Cllr. Annette Wingrave
Cllr. Annette Wingrave

‘Supplementary Planning Guidance’ has been adopted and published by the Council

Following the adoption of the Local Development Plan, the Council made draft Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) available for public consultation from 9th January to 20th February.

Selective use of SPG is a means of setting out more detailed topic or site specific guidance on the way in which policies of the LDP will be applied in particular circumstances or areas. While only policies in the LDP have special status in the determination of planning applications, SPG may be taken into account as a material consideration in the decision making process.

The SPG subject of consultation related to ‘The Historic Environment’. Following consultation, the Council received a total of 149 comments from 14 different individuals or organisations.

On 12th April, the Council’s Regeneration and Sustainable Development Cabinet Board considered all the comments received. The report below documents all comments received along with the Council’s response.

Schedule of Council Responses
File type Document File size
pdf Schedule of Council Responses to the SPG Representations (April 2019)
320 KB

The SPG has now been adopted and published alongside the Council’s LDP and is available to view or download on the following page: Supplementary Guidance

What Happens Next?

Work has already started on further SPG with the next consultation scheduled to take place later in the year.

For More Information

For more information in regard to any aspect of the preparation of the SPG, you can contact the LDP Team direct either by telephone: [01639] 686821 or e-mail:

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Councillor Annette Wingrave

(Cabinet Member with responsibility for the Local Development Plan)