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Biodiversity in Schools

The natural environment provides an innovative and creative learning opportunity for our younger generation.  Biodiversity is an integral part of our lives and early recognition of its value will place our younger generation in a position to carry these principles through to their adult lives.  

This pack of worksheets is aimed at Key Stage 2 pupils but can also be adapted for Key Stage 3. Biodiversity and the natural environment are key elements of The Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) framework and should be incorporated into all areas of the National Curriculum. The packs also complement teaching in other areas of the curriculum such as English, Mathematics and ICT.

These worksheets are designed to be used to complement field visits both within the school grounds, and to local areas. Each topic concentrates on a different kind of habitat/ecosystem and contain a series of lesson plans that can be used singly or as a series. At the beginning of each worksheet you will see a section highlighting the areas of the curriculum that they fulfil. Remember to check the teacher's factfiles - these will get you up to speed with the different species you will encounter throughout the worksheets.

Please note that these are pilot documents and we would appreciate your feedback on individual worksheets and the pack as a whole.

Links to the curriculum

  • Introduction to Biodiversity in Education pack (PDF 49 KB)

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  • Curriculum Links (PDF 108 KB)

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