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Career Development Programme

Do you want to gain a clearer understanding into who you are and discover what makes you, so that you stand out amongst your peers?

As a Chwarae Teg Fair Play Employer, we are pleased to be able to offer a Career Development Programme. There are five sessions in the programme aimed at women employed in Grades 1 to 6 and one for the men too!

To reserve your place onto any of the sessions please email Debbie John:

The hour-long webinars include the topics below:

Change your thinking, get results

Recognise unhelpful or unrealistic thought patterns that get in the way of your career and personal success. Recognise your values and beliefs, calm your inner critic and replace negative thoughts with a positive mind-set

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. If confidence holds you back or you feel stuck in a rut, let us help you change your thinking and get the results you want with the fab webinar and informative webinar session.

22nd January 10am-11am

Managing challenging behaviour

Understand the causes of difficult behaviour, what you can change and what you can’t and how to handle yourself in ways that will minimise the effects of disruptive behaviours in others.

If you find it difficult to act with confidence in these difficult scenarios, or perhaps you’d like to identify ‘what is challenging behaviour’ we can offer the tools and knowledge to help.

26th January 10am-11am

Men and gender equality

Gender Equality is for everyone, as such men have a huge and important part to play in achieving it and will share in the benefits of equality. No matter your thinking on gender equality currently- whether already an ambassador for change, sceptical or just don’t see what it’s got to do with you- this webinar could answer your questions, An interactive webinar for men whether you currently strive for gender equality or believe we already have it.

3rd February 10am-11am

Work smarter, not harder

Develop tools and techniques to help you effectively manage and organise your time and prioritise task, making you less stressed and a better colleague, manager and leader

We’re all guilty of getting distracted at times. Often our time runs away with us and instead of working the hours we mean to, we work for longer to get it all done. Sound familiar? Find out how to work smarter, get those jobs done and prioritise efficiently.

5th February 2020 10am-11am

Say No Brilliantly

Sometimes we all need to learn to say no so we can manage our workload effectively and reduce stress. Learn assertive negotiation skills to say 'No' confidently and professionally.

Do you struggle to say no? Do you always take on the extra task, that extra favour? Does it impact on your work and personal life? This webinar is here to help. We know it’s a tough thing to say but sometimes it’s necessary, join us to learn how and when to say ‘No’ well.

10th February 10am-11am

Speak up, stand out

Look at why you are nervous communicating with colleagues, either individually or in groups learn techniques to help you overcome the fear, to find your voice and be more confident

Are you the quiet one in your team meeting? Do you sometimes feel your contribution isn’t valid, or won’t be valued? Maybe you get nervous giving presentations or really want to know how to nail that speech. This short session could teach you just that.