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Recycling over Christmas

Recycling and Refuse Collections

There are some changes to refuse and recycling collections.

Recycling Centres

All recycling centres will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day

Cardboard Collection

There is usually a considerable demand on our cardboard recycling service over Christmas. Please put all your cardboard out for recycling. Cardboard needs to be broken up and placed in the hessian sacks. It may be collected by a dedicated vehicle after the recycling vehicle drives through.

Wrapping Paper

Please put brown recyclable wrapping paper in your paper recycling box. All other wrapping paper should be put in your wheeled bin or black bags.

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards can be recycled by putting them in your cardboard sack as long as there is no glitter on them or other non-card material such as plastic laminate.

Side Waste (Extra black bags)

Side waste restrictions are designed to encourage greater recycling. We recognise that there will be more waste at Christmas.

Please recycle all that you can. We will not take enforcement steps based on what you present at Christmas between 27th December and 6th January 2023.

Garden Waste (including real Christmas trees)

There is often less garden waste presented during the winter months. Over Christmas we will focus our collections on recycling and refuse. If you put out garden waste, we will collect it, however it may not go for composting.

Real Christmas trees

You can take garden waste, including your real Christmas tree, to one of our Household Waste and Recycling Centres for composting or break up the tree and put in your garden waste bag

Household Waste and Recycling Centres

You must have booked a slot before you visit the Briton Ferry or Cymmer recycling centres

Residents in the Swansea Valley area are able to use the recycling centre at Lower Cwmtwrch. Please ensure you check their latest procedures before visiting.

Love food hate waste

Save money - Don’t buy too much food at Christmas. Use leftovers and
use your weekly food waste recycling service to recycle what you can’t use.