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Godre’r Graig School Task Force Meeting – 28.08.2019



  • R.G Jones (Leader) - Leader of Council
  • P.A. Rees (PR) - Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Culture
  • E.V. Latham (EL) - Cabinet Member for Streetscene Engineering


  • Steven Phillips (SP) - Chief Executive
  • Gareth Nutt (GN)  - Director of Environment
  • Craig Griffiths (CG)- Head of Legal Services
  • Andrew Thomas (AT) - Head of Transformation
  • Dave Griffiths (DG) - Head of Engineering and Transport
  • Huw Jones (HJ) - Head of Financial Services
  • Robin Turner (RT) - Corporate Communication Business Partner
  • Neil Evans (NE) - Senior Executive Officer
  • Clive Barnard (CB) - Architectural Design and Project Manager
  • Roger Bowen (RB) - Programme Management Co-ordinator
  • Rhiannon Crowhurst (RC) - Transformation Project Manager

21st August Meeting Action Notes

Leader noted that the actions had been agreed outside of the meeting to allow work to be undertaken in between meetings.

Matters Arising

It was noted that a staff visit was tentatively arranged for the 4th September however, this was subject to the majority of works having been undertaken.

The Leader asked were costs being past to the Head of Financial Services and it was confirmed that they were as they were received. SP stated that it was now time to start developing the bid to submit to the Welsh Government to recoup the costs once the school opens.

The Leader stated that at the end of this meeting the outcome that was required was a definitive date on when the school would be open as this would allow teachers to prepare and parents to make any alternative arrangements as required.

CB stated that work was progressing well and all units have been delivered and the required works were being undertaken. Discussion had been held with the contractor and given the size of the task they had confirmed that the handover would be 6th September.

Leader asked for agreement that a statement can be made that the Council is working towards the school opening on 9th September and it was 95% certain that this would happen.

AT agreed to draft a note advising parents and staff of the arrangements to be published as soon as possible. The note should include information that this date is realistic barring any unforeseen problems. NE to share the information with Cllr Ros Davies and Tegwch to maximise the coverage.

The Leader asked that CB liaise with AT throughout the next week should any unforeseen circumstance arise.

Any other business

AT stated that school cleaners had been arranged to attend the school on the morning of 9th September.

Arrangements had been agreed with a removal company that they would collect the equipment from the school on Friday 6th September with a view to delivering it to the temporary location on 7th September.

DG stated that he had received Freedom of Information Requests and enquiries about the publication of the final report from ESP and asked whether this can now be shared/published. The Leader agreed that as it was the same as the draft report this can now be shared.

It was asked whether the Head of Cwmtawe school and the manager of Pontardawe leisure centre had been appraised of all issues. AT agreed to speak with the manager of the Leisure Centre.

A question was asked of CG as to what reports may be required to adhere to any constitutional issues. CG to look at the Council’s constitution and advise accordingly.

SP agreed that he would speak with Welsh Government and in particular Ministerial Special Advisors so that they are aware of the outcomes.

Agreed that the following actions be noted:

  • SG and NE to publish/circulate agreed action notes;
  • AT to draft a note to be circulated to all parents on the planned opening date for the school;
  • NE to share the note with Cllr R Davies and Tegwch;
  • CB to liaise with education through the week and advise immediately of any unforeseen issues;
  • DG to make arrangements for the final ESP report to be published/shared;
  • AT to liaise with manager of Pontardawe Leisure Centre
  • CG to identify the detail of any reports required;
  • SP to speak with Special Advisors at Welsh Government.

Next meeting to be arranged for a weeks time.