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Since the development of the first ‘Healthy Relationships for Stronger Communities Strategy’ in 2017, significant progress has been made. This chapter highlights some of the key areas of progress made against each of the 7 objectives of our original strategy. This revised strategy will further build on these achievements, working towards preventing VAWDASV and better supporting those who are affected.

What have we achieved?

Objective 1 – Communications & Engagement

  • Completed work to broaden the role of the Communication and Engagement Group
  • Developed a Communications Plan to publicise key messages across all media channels
  • Utilised Dewis to promote all services for adults and children within Neath Port Talbot
  • Engaged with survivors to gather feedback for future campaigns
  • Encouraged employers to offer workplace strategies to support staff members affected by VAWDASV

Objective 2 – Children & Young People

  • Monitored take up of programmes addressing the challenging issues of violence to develop the resilience of children and young people
  • Promoted the Home Office campaign 'Disrespect Nobody' to challenge abuse in teenage relationships
  • Improved our partnerships with Families First, Schools and the NPT Youth Service
  • Developed a Children and Young People's sub group which has:
    • Improved the understanding of the effects of VAWDASV on children by organising an awareness raising event for over 150 professional working directly with children
    • Developed a lesson plan in partnership with Calan DVS for roll out to all local schools
    • Liaised with Welsh Women's Aid regarding the pilot of the Whole Education Approach in NPT

Objective 3 – Working With Perpetrators

  • Completed a mapping exercise of available services across Neath Port Talbot
  • Explored best practice and accredited programmes across the UK
  • Calan DVS implemented the Inspiring Families Programme and have worked closely with NPT Social Services to support local families

Objective 4 – Early Intervention & Prevention

  • Worked alongside Swansea Bay University Health Board to discuss the IRIS pilot and roll out
  • Developed a delivered workplace policy training for various local employers
  • 'Safe Leave' policy introduced withing NPTCBC to allow staff impacted by VAWDASV to access 5 days paid leave to allow them time to access:
    • legal advice
    • counselling
    • other support

Objective 5 – Training and Development

  • Developed and implemented a training programme in compliance with the National Framework
  • Developed referral pathways to enable an effective response to any disclosure of VAWDASV
  • Embedded the White Ribbon video into all training
  • 70% of NPT staff trained to Level 1 of the National Training Framework
  • Delivered training to:
    • Local Councillors
    • NPT Older Person's Council
    • 30 Local Magistrates
    • CVS Volunteers
  • Swansea Bay University Health Board undertook the 'Ask & Act' pilot to increase the number of people identified by Health Workers

Objective 6 – Accessible Services

  • Worked with local providers to review accommodation and support to develop a new servie model enabling earlier intervention and greater support in the community
  • Completed a review of provision for high risk victims resulting in:
    • Increased IDVA provision in NPT
    • A regional court IDVA
    • Business support for the IDVA
    • Changes to policy and procedure
  • Developed links with specialist providers who meet the needs of people affected by sexual violence
  • Worked in partnership to ensure victims with complex needs have increased opportunities for reporting and accessing appropriate support
  • Local specialist providers have implemented additional support services:
    • LIFE Project to support victims whose mental health has been impacted
    • EDGE Project to support elderly and disabled victims
    • COMPASS Project to support male victims

Objective 7 – Courts & Criminal Justice

  • Began to routinely capture court outcomes and survivor feedback to help shape services going forward
  • Developed links with local Magistrates and Youth Justice service partners to raise awareness of VAWDASV
  • Encouraged use of the remote evidence facility at the OSS for vulnerable victims and witnesses in VAWDASV
  • Improved links with the local Specialist Domestic Violence Court and Steering Group