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In order to demonstrate the progress made on each of the 7 objectives within this strategy, a set of key performance indicators will be developed. Progress reports will be discussed at the VAWDASV Leadership Group meetings and integrated into every Annual Report.

How will we know we are making a difference?

Survivor Feedback

Survivor engagement and feedback is vital to shaping future services and understanding whether the work we do and the services we offer are meeting the needs of our communities.

Objective 1 - Communications & Engagement

  • The number of Clare’s Law requests made within Neath Port Talbot and the number of those where VAWDASV related concerns were raised
  • The social media reach of all VAWDASV campaigns promoted by the Communications & Engagement Group
  • The number of people reporting VAWDASV and/or accessing specialist support services
  • The number of calls made to the Respect Helpline from the Neath Port Talbot area and their outcomes

Objective 2 – Children and Young People

  • The number of children in Neath Port Talbot schools who have received a Healthy Relationship lesson and the % of those children who retained some the key information from that lesson 6 months later

Objective 3 – Perpetrators

  • Once developed, the number of referrals made to the local Perpetrator Programme, including the % of those referred who have successfully engaged with the programme

Objective 4 – Early Intervention and Prevention

  • Of the referrals into SPOC, the number of these that were VAWDASV related and the % referred for statutory services or early intervention. What were the outcomes?
  • The number of referrals into services from those who are affected by any form of VAWDASV, but who identify as LGBT, are older, disabled, a male victim, or a member of the BAME community.

Objective 5 – Training

  • The number of staff who have been trained to the appropriate level of the National Training Framework, depending on their individual roles.
  • The number of staff within partner organisations who have completed VAWDASV related training.

Objective 6 – Accessible Services

  • Survivor Feedback
  • Number of presentations to Housing Options as a result of VAWDASV and their outcomes
  • Referrals to specialist providers, programmes offered, and outcomes
  • % of cases known to Adult Services where VAWDASV is a concern

Objective 7 – Criminal Justice Proceedings

  • Usage of the remote evidence facility at the One Stop Shop
  • The number of high risk victims supported by the IDVA service; the % of those who engage with support and the % who are repeat victims
  • The number of victims supported through a court process and the % of those that have a positive outcome