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Hospitality Sector Changes

On Thursday 23 December 2021, Welsh Government published the revised regulations, which will come into effect at 6am on the 26th December. The regulations introduce changes which you will need to implement at your premises.

Controlled Entry and Contact Details

All premises must implement a controlled entry. In practice this will mean that customers must be greeted upon arrival and directed to a table.

You must ensure that contact details are collected upon arrival from each person entering the premises, and then retain these details for 21 days; reasonable measures must also be taken to ensure that those contact details are correct.

Rule of 6

The maximum number of people that can be at a table is 6 (not including children under the age of 11) or the members of 1 household if higher.

Table Service

All premises that sell alcohol for consumption on the premises must ensure that customers are sat at a table. Customers must order, be served with and consume food and drink at the table; there can be no standing within the premises or siting at the bar area. Customers are permitted to make a payment at the bar*, but this should only be done where it is not possible to take payments at the table.

*customers who pay at the bar, are not permitted to order or collect food and drink whilst at the bar.

Face Coverings

In addition to other indoor premises, it is again a requirement that face coverings are worn by all staff and customers aged 11 and over (unless exempt) whilst they are in premises that sell food and drink for consumption on the premises. There are various reasonable excuses for not wearing a face covering, one of which is whilst the customer is seated at a table to eat or drink.

Essentially this means, that staff and customers will be expected to wear a face covering in your premises at any time that they are not seated at a table.

Other Reasonable Measures

You must take all reasonable measures to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus, including ensuring that a distance of 2 metres is maintained between tables and where customers are required to wait to enter the premises.

There is also a legal obligation on you to have regard to guidance issued by Welsh Government Ministers – available on the Welsh Government website or alternatively at UK Hospitality Wales website

You must therefore read this guidance immediately and then take appropriate steps to ensure that reasonable measures are implemented at your premises.