Part 4b: Wales Guidance Docs (WG)

Part 4b: Wales Guidance Docs (WG)


WG01 People, Places, Futures – The Wales Spatial Plan 2008 Update (WG, 2008)

WG02 Environment Strategy for Wales (WG 2006)

WG03 Welsh Health Survey (WG 2010)

WG04 10 Year Homeless Plan for Wales (2009-2019)

WG05 Designed to Improve Health and Management of Chronic Conditions (2009)

WG06 Creating an Active Wales (2010)

WG07 Our Healthy Future – Technical Working Paper (2009)

Communities and Housing

  • Housing

WG08 National Housing Strategy ‘Improving Lives and Communities – Homes in Wales, Welsh Government (April 2010)

WG09 Statutory Code of Practice on Racial Equality in Housing (Wales) (2006)

WG10 Strategy for Older People in Wales (2003)

WG11 Meeting the Housing Challenge: Building a Consensus for Action (2011)

WG12 Local Housing Market Assessment Guide (WG) (2006)

WG13 Housing Need and Demand in Wales 2006-2026 (Holmans & Monk) (WG 2010)

  • Affordable Housing

WG14 Delivering Affordable Housing Using S106 Agreements (2009)

  • Gypsies & Travellers

WG15 The Affordable Housing Toolkit (WG 2006)



WG16 Travelling to a Better Future – A Gypsy and Traveller Framework for Action and Delivery Plan (WG September 2011)

WG17 Good Practice Guide in Managing Gypsy Traveller Sites in Wales (2009)

WG18 Good Practice Guide in Designing Traveller Sites in Wales (2009)

  • Open Space

WG19 Climbing Higher: Strategy for Sport (WG January 2005)

WG20 A Walking and Cycling Action Plan for Wales (WG 2009-2013)

WG21 The Physical Action Plan: Creating an Active Wales (2010)

WG22 Children and Family’s (Wales) Measure (2010)

WG23 The Children and Families (Wales) Measure 2010 (Play Sufficiency Assessment) Regulations 2012

WG24 Guidance to Local Authorities on Assessing for Sufficient Play Opportunities for Children

WG25 Fields in Trust: Planning and Design for Outdoor Sport and Play (2008)

The Economy

  • Economy & Employment

WG26 Wales: A Better Country (WG 2003)

WG27 A Vibrant Economy (WG 2005)

WG28 Capturing the Potential: A Green Jobs Strategy for Wales (WG 2009)

WG29 Economic Renewal: A New Direction (WG 2010)

WG30 Vibrant and Viable Places (WG 2013)

WG31 City Regions Final Report (WG 2012)

Environment & Resources

  • Minerals

WG32 National Minerals Map of Wales (WG 2009)

WG33 Aggregate Safeguarding Map of Wales (WG 2012)  

  • Renewable & Low Carbon Energy

WG34 Climate Strategy for Wales (WG 2010)

WG35 Renewable Energy Route Map for Wales (WG 2008)

WG36 Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy – A Toolkit for Planners (WG 2011)

WG37 Planning Implications of Renewable and Low Carbon Energy (WG 2011)

  • Waste

WG38 ‘Towards Zero Waste’ (TZW) One Wales: One Planet – The Overarching Waste Strategy for Wales (2010)

WG39 ‘Towards Zero Waste’ Collections, Infrastructure and Markets Sector (CIMS) Plan (2012)

Transport & Access

WG40 Active Travel Bill

WG41 Walking and Cycling Strategy for Wales (WG 2009)

WG42 A Walking and Cycling Action Plan for Wales (2009-2013)

WG43 Wales Parking Standards (CSS Wales 2008)



WG44 National Transport Plan (WG December 2011)

WG44a Draft National Transport Plan 2015 (WG)

WG45 One Wales: Connecting the Nation - The Wales Freight Strategy (WG 2008)

WG46 One Wales: Connecting the Nation - The Wales Transport Strategy (WG 2008)

Culture & Heritage

  • Welsh Language

WG47 A Living Language: A Language for Living (Welsh Language Strategy (WG 2012-2017)

WG48 Planning and the Welsh Language – The Way Ahead (2005)