Side Waste Restriction

23/3/20 Important Notice The Council will be temporarily suspending its restrictions on the presentation of black bag waste at the kerbside until further notice. Keep up to date

Most of what is thrown out from the house can be put out for your weekly recycling collections. In Neath Port Talbot we have made some great progress. Together we achieved the Welsh Governments target to recycle 58% by 2016/17. Great work! The next target is 64% by 2019/20, so we still need to do more.

We have had a close look at the contents in the wheeled bins and black bags and there is, on average, still a large amount of recyclable materials being thrown out as waste. We need to get this recyclable material out of the wheeled bin and black bags, and into your weekly recycling collections. To help encourage this shift, the Council has introduced a limit on the amount of black bags that can be put out.

From April 2019

Householders should present not more than 1 wheeled bin for disposal (or the equivalent for houses without wheeled bins, not more than a total of 3 black bags)

Side waste restriction 2019
We will no longer collect any additional bags and you will have to remove them from the kerbside and either:

  • Sort the contents and recycle what you can using the Council’s recycling services;
  • Take them to your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centre (remember you will be required to sort the contents of any black bag waste, if you haven’t already done so). You can find the site opening times and details of the van permit scheme on our website.
  • Put the bins / bags out on your next refuse collection day (please do not put out more than the allowed limit).

There is no limit on the amount of recycling you can put out for your weekly recycling collections - if you need more recycling kit you can request this online at our refuse and recycling pages

*There are no restrictions on collection immediately after Christmas.

Food Waste

The biggest one recyclable material that is still taking up space in the wheeled bin and black bags is food waste.  Please use your weekly recycling collections for all your food waste.


The Council will be monitoring collections and advising residents how they can recycle more, and reduce the amount of waste put out for disposal.  As a last resort where residents regularly put out too much and have not taken advice on recycling, then the Council may take enforcement action.


Most of what is thrown out from the house can be put out for your weekly recycling collections.  However, we recognised that there are some households that recycle and still put out large amounts of non-recyclable waste.  So at the same time as introducing a side waste restriction we will also operate an exemption scheme.

The exemption scheme is not for recyclables.

Please see our recycle+ / recycling guides to find out what is recyclable.  If you recycle and still put out large amounts of non-recyclable waste you can apply for an exemption.  You will need to demonstrate that you are only putting out non-recyclable waste for disposal, for example: nappies, coal ashes, animal bedding etc

The number of exemption stickers supplied must last for a 12 month period.  See our full T & C's