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Excess Waste Restriction

We no longer collect side waste at the kerbside. If you present more waste in addition to your wheelie bin or more than 3 black bags, our crews will not collect your extra waste.

Householders should present not more than 1 wheeled bin for disposal (or the equivalent for houses without wheeled bins, not more than a total of 3 black bags) every fortnight.

Side waste restriction 2019

Most households should be able to fit their refuse (that is waste that cannot be recycled) into their wheelie bin, especially if they are recycling as much as possible.

We collect recycling every week and there is no limit on this. Residents can put out as much recycling as they want and ordering extra recycling kit is easy to do online

We collect wheelie bins/black bags every fortnight. You can check the Bin Day Finder to see when we collect yours.

If you recycle all you can and still put out large amounts of non-recyclable waste, you can apply for an exemption from the side waste restriction.

Nappies and other Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) are not part of the exemption. We collect these separately.
Apply for an exemption

But remember – there should be nothing in your wheelie bin or black bags that can be recycled.

Please note that your excess waste sticker allocation is for 12 months.

Our Side Waste Enforcement Team will visit you to follow up any extra applications.

Bag presentation area

If you visit any of our recycling centres, you will be asked to open any bags and sort the contents for recycling if you have not already done that. 

To save time on site, we suggest that you sort your waste before you arrive.

You must have booked a slot before you visit Briton Ferry or Cymmer recycling centres. Please visit our Recycling Centres page for more information

If someone in your household is affected by Coronavirus, any waste from your house will need to be handled carefully. You need to:

  • double-bag all contaminated items
  • keep the bags for three days
  • put them out for collection 

You should also wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after handling any waste and recycling.


Side waste is excess waste that is presented alongside your allocated amount of refuse. The allocation for each household in Neath Port Talbot is one 140 litre wheeled bin or three black bags.

There is no limit on the amount of recycling we will collect.

The biggest one recyclable material that is still taking up space in the wheeled bin and black bags is food waste. Please use your weekly recycling collections for all your food waste.

Recycling guide

Reduce the amount of waste in your black bin by being more environmentally aware of the products you are purchasing, making sure that the packaging or product can be recycled after its use.

You can find what materials we recycle on our recycling guide page and present this as part of our weekly kerbside recycling collection.

If you have not already ordered your recycling kit, or you wish to order more recycling containers you can do this online.

Excess waste can be sorted and presented in the suitable recycling containers and presented as part of our weekly kerbside recycling collections.

Alternatively, excess can be disposed of at your local Household Waste and Recycling Centre. Please be aware you will be asked to show that all black bags taken to our sites do not contain recyclable material. We advise that you sort the waste prior to your visit as there may be queues during peak hours.

Certain vehicles also require a permit

Please ensure that if you use a private waste removal company that they have the correct waste transfer licence and are disposing of your waste in the correct manner. You have a duty of care to ensure that your waste ends up at a licensed waste disposal facility (not a Household Waste and Recycling Centre). If the waste is illegally fly-tipped you may face a fine.

No. Neath Port Talbot Council do not offer larger bins. Residents may be eligible for the exemption scheme if they recycle all that they can.

All applications can be completed online. Please be aware that each application is assessed on an individual basis and must meet a certain conditions.

Most of what is thrown out from the house can be put out for your weekly recycling collections.  However, we recognised that there are some households that recycle and still put out large amounts of non-recyclable waste.

The exemption scheme is not for recyclables.

Please see our recycling guides to find out what is recyclable. If you recycle and still put out large amounts of non-recyclable waste you can apply for an exemption. You will need to demonstrate that you are only putting out non-recyclable waste for disposal, for example: nappies, coal ashes, animal bedding etc

The number of exemption stickers supplied must last for a 12 month period.  See our full T & C's
Apply for an exemption

The guidelines set out by the Welsh Government promote a service where there is a reduction in the collection frequency. Where a weekly food collection service is offered, a two weekly refuse collection was found to be sufficient. Evidence shows that a two weekly collection reduces the amount of waste put out by the household and increase the amount of material recycled.

If you run a business from home you need to keep this waste separate from your household waste. You will need to organise and pay for a trade collection and disposal service. If you do not have suitable arrangements it may result in your household waste not being collected.

We expect the residents of Neath Port Talbot to dispose of their waste in the correct manner. This is either by using the kerbside collection service or recycling centres. From previous service changes, and in line with other councils now implementing a no side waste policy, we do not expect an increase in fly-tipping. In recent years there has been an overall decrease in the number of fly-tipping incidents.

Neath Port Talbot Council has the most proactive and successful enforcement team in Wales and will continue to monitor the levels of fly-tipping across Neath Port Talbot and enforce where necessary.

If you have missed your waste collection and your bin has not been emptied, we cannot make arrangements to return to collect your waste. You will either have to wait until your next collection or dispose of your waste at your nearest recycling centre.

Book a slot for the recycling centre online:

Book a slot

We offer a weekly kerbside recycling service. Please present your waste by 6am on the day of your collection or the evening before. If you are unsure of what day your collection is, you can check online 

Please be aware that if you have compacted too many bags into your bin, some bags within the bin may not be emptied, even though our automated bin shaker facility is set to the optimum setting, the bags may not be emptied into the back of the refuse vehicle.

We will not return to collect bags that remain inside the bin after the collection and you will either need to wait till your next collection or dispose of your waste at your nearest recycling centre.

The Council will be monitoring collections and advising residents how they can recycle more, and reduce the amount of waste put out for disposal. As a last resort where residents regularly put out too much and have not taken advice on recycling, then the Council may take enforcement action. Residents that continue to present side waste and do not take part in recycling after the educational steps may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of up to £100.

We will provide more information regarding the Christmas collections closer to the time.