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Frequently Asked Questions

Food handlers must be supervised, instructed and or trained in food hygiene matters to a level appropriate to their work activity. We occasionally run food hygiene courses, however local training providers can be found on the internet.

Further details on food hygiene training and where it can be attained.

If you have purchased food within the borough which you suspect may be unsafe, or you have discovered a foreign object e.g. glass, insects within the food you can either take the food back to the place of purchase or contact this department.

Further details on how to make a food complaint

The majority of premises will have to be registered. Registration allows local authorities to keep an up to date list of all the premises in the area so they can visit them when they need to. Registration cannot be refused and there is no charge.

Further details on Registration and how to register.

If you intend to start a new business you should contact this department. You need to consider the type of food produced or handled and the equipment, space and layout needed.

Further details on starting a new business.

Yes.  For further details contact Food Safety by email or phone 01639 686868

It depends on the risk they present. There are statutory guidelines which we adhere to for minimum inspection rates, however EHO's have powers to enter and inspect food premises at all reasonable times without warning.

Further details on food hygiene inspections.

See:  More detailed information on Food poisoning and specific organisms.

Food Hygiene ratings are given after an unannounced visit to a premises by an Inspector providing the premises meets certain standards and the criteria of the scheme. See our page on the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme for further details.