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Information for Teachers

Teachers are encouraged to bring classes along to their local library so that children can join and change borrowed items regularly. Class visits can also be arranged to focus on basic information skills enabling the children to find their way around the library and access information quickly and easily. Contact your local library to arrange a visit.

Early Years and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Other sessions

Introduction to the Library

Introduce the children to the library service, explain how it is used and the range of materials available. This session can be mixed with Story Time & Class Borrowing.

Story Time

Short Session where the class is told a story by one of our local librarians. If required this can be tailored to match a theme.

Class Borrowing

Each class who visits the library may have a 'class card'. During a visit to their local library each member of the class may take out one book each. These books are on loan for a half term, when they can be returned by the class or a member of staff. Please note the books are to be kept in school at all times.

Library Skills

Covering everything from the Dewey Decimal System to what else is available in the library. Let your class take part in the 'Library Challenge' or mix it with a Research Session for school projects. Includes a tour of the library.

Research Sessions

Ideal for encouraging children to use books instead of the internet for researching projects. Let us know what you are studying and we'll arrange for a selection of books to be available at your local library when you visit.

Story Fun

Pupils will learn about writing stories, the basic ingredients of a story and carry out tasks that will result in them writing their very own story.

Poetry and 'Gobblefunk'

Using Roald Dahls ‘Dirty Beasts’ for inspiration, pupils will write pieces of poetry, which may include some gobblefunk.

Library Team Building

Pupils will take part in a series of activities, encouraging them to work together to complete tasks.

More Information

Contact the Children's Librarian for details:

Children's Librarian
01639 860015 01639 860015 voice +441639860015

Booking a Visit

To book a visit please contact your local library with:

  • your school name
  • contact name and number
  • year group
  • class numbers
  • any special requirements

Please aware that booking need to be made 2 weeks in advance.

If you are not located near one of our branches please contact the children's librarian to see about these activities being held at your school.