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Highway Maintenance Plan

This document sets out the Council’s strategy in relation to all activities carried out on the public highway.  The document embraces the principles, of “Well Maintained Highways”, the Code of Practice for Highway Maintenance.

Neath Port Talbot has a network of 804 kilometres of highway that is maintained at public expense. The highway network is vital to the people of Neath Port Talbot and visitors as it is used in everyday life both by individuals and local business. The importance of the network is highlighted by the disruption to daily life caused when, for example, extremes of weather affect its smooth operation.

To ensure that the network functions efficiently throughout the year, maintenance is undertaken on the various components of the highway which includes carriageways, footways, verges, drainage systems, structures, lighting, signs and road markings. Managing the highway is an increasingly demanding task given the need to mitigate the effects of damage caused by increased traffic flows, heavier and larger vehicles, and expanded operations by utilities, whilst revenue budgets remain limited.


  • Highway Maintenance Plan (PDF 124 KB)

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