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Primary Authority Business Support Scheme

What is the Primary Authority Scheme?

The scheme was established to allows businesses to form a partnership with a single local authority and to access assured advice on compliance. This advice must be respected by local authorities, thus addressing business concerns about consistency and giving them confidence.

It also allows for the co-ordination of proactive inspection activities, thereby improving the effectiveness of local activities and reducing duplication of effort. The scheme supports local authorities in delivering protection for their citizens, businesses, workers and the environment.

What kind of businesses are eligible?

All businesses that are covered by Environmental Health &Trading Standards enforced legislation. However, the partnership does not have to cover all aspect of your business.

How does it work?

A local authority that offers a Primary Authority partnership to businesses is demonstrating its willingness to work constructively with business to improve compliance. It is also taking on responsibility for leading and shaping the regulation of a single business or a group of businesses.

This is done by providing tailored, assured regulatory advice and by guiding the way that other local authorities regulate the business or businesses so that it is both effective and efficient, including through the sharing of compliance information.

What does it mean for my business?

Participating in a Primary Authority scheme can give your business greater confidence in your regulated activities and reduce your risk of contravening legislation. Provided that that you follow the advice you are given, you can be confident that you are complying with the law

Primary Authority represents an important support service to locally based business. The Environmental Health and Trading Standards department has a commitment to support local businesses both as part of the national service and as part of Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council in its own right.

To learn more about the scheme read the guidance here, or contact Neath Port Talbot Environmental Health & Trading Standards on 01639 686868 /