Coronavirus (COVID-19) live updates

  • Michael Sheen backs council’s NPT Safe and Well volunteer recruitment campaign
    04 April, 11:42

    Hollywood star Michael Sheen is backing the volunteer recruitment campaign for Neath Port Talbot Council’s NPT Safe and Well service.

  • Call to fill vacant key worker jobs in Neath Port Talbot
    04 April, 11:29

    Neath Port Talbot Council’s Work Station is calling on people who are unemployed and looking for work to fill vacant key worker roles.

  • Temporary closure of cemeteries
    03 April, 19:19

    In common with a number of other Welsh local authorities, Neath Port Talbot Council will be temporarily closing its cemeteries to members of the public (unless they are attending a funeral) to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

  • Isolation! NPT Music Service’s uplifting version of Covid-19 stay safe messages
    03 April, 12:10

    Staff from Neath Port Talbot Council’s Music Service (NPT Music Service) have produced a lively music video packed with self isolation, hand washing and other Coronavirus safety messages based on Kool and the Gang’s classic hit Celebration.

  • Free school meals – Bank transfer payments to replace ‘grab and go’ bag system
    03 April, 11:16

    Neath Port Talbot Council is to issue bank transfer payments to parents of pupils entitled to free school meals instead of the ‘grab and go’ bag system.

  • Council expects to have made majority of coronavirus business payments by end of next week
    02 April, 10:53

    Neath Port Talbot Council announced today that it expected to make the majority of payments to businesses who have registered for the £10,000 and £25,000 grants announced by Government by the end of next week. In the meantime, the Council is asking those businesses who have registered for the payments not to ring to chase payments as this is diverting staff from processing the payments.

  • Coronavirus updates from NPT Council?...Ask Alexa
    01 April, 14:41

    Anyone needing to find out the latest information on Coronavirus from Neath Port Talbot Council can now ask Alexa.

  • Engage, explain, encourage and enforce – Council’s policy on new powers
    01 April, 12:19

    Under emergency regulations to control the spread of Coronavirus, Neath Port Talbot Council will use new enforcement powers only as a last resort but will not hesitate to use them to prevent a significant risk to the NHS and the health and safety of its residents.

  • Council offers reassurance on council tax collection
    31 March, 19:52

    Neath Port Talbot Council is offering reassurance to residents who may find themselves struggling to pay their Council Tax bill during the Coronavirus outbreak. The Council has confirmed that it will be relaxing its normal rules against those who fall behind with their payments.

  • Important recycling and waste collection procedures if your household is affected by the Coronavirus
    31 March, 08:10

    If your household is affected by Coronavirus (with one or more self-isolating due to symptoms or having been diagnosed), any waste materials you come into contact with need to be handled carefully before they are collected to help prevent further spread of the virus.