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Covid-19 Closures on Public Rights of Way

Following the publication of The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (Wales) (Amendment) (No. 7) Regulations 2020 on the 3rd July 2020, which contained a number of amendments, including (but not limited to) lifting the restrictions on travel, the Council (on the 9th July 2020) made a decision to revoke the temporary closures which were in place on 17 of the Public Rights of Way (PROW) within Neath Port Talbot. 

This decision will be kept under review and the situation may change if areas are identified where groups of people are congregating and actively ignoring measures set out by the Government.

Many PROWs cross private land, working farms and in some cases are close to private homes. Please keep to the paths, keep your distance from landowners and continue to follow the restrictions and measures in place to protect you and others.

Farmland – please remember our farmers have no choice regarding where/how they work and spring/summer is a particularly busy period for them. They are also likely to live in buildings close to paths, therefore we ask that you maintain current social distancing measures whilst making use of the footpaths. Please refer to our advisory notice which may be used by landowners to remind users of social distancing requirements.  We need to work together to keep as many paths open as we can.

Any future PROW temporary closure notices under COVID-19 emergency measures will be published here and notices posted on site.

Printable advisory notice for use by landowners:

Public Right Of Way Covid 19

  • COVID 19 Public Access Sign (PDF 205 KB)

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Other Closures
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