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Proposed Temporary Diversion Route

This is an update on the work the council has undertaken to assess the suitability of a temporary alternative access between Darran Park and Highland Gardens, which has been requested by some residents whilst remediation work is under way at the junction between Goshen Park and Drummau Road.

The temporary road was suggested as a suitable alternative to the current diversion due to the difficulties experienced by users of the diversion in terms of its length and its narrow width at certain sections. Given the potential impacts of such a scheme and the mixed feelings from the affected community, a detailed appraisal process was undertaken to assess its suitability.

Having assessed a number of factors including road safety issues, environmental impacts, and, more importantly the likely timescale to deliver the road, we conclude that the proposed road is not feasible.

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • The land in question is not in council ownership and while a decision from the landowner is outstanding, we are unable to predict a timescale to proceed.
  • The estimated time to deliver the road and the telematics for the equestrian crossing point (including design and tendering requirements), is between 8 to 10 weeks from decision to proceed. This may well be longer and could coincide with the reopening of Drummau Road
  • A number of trees would need to be felled to construct the road; all of which are protected by an Area Tree Preservation Order.
  • The crossing between the proposed access road and bridleway will need to have Pegasus Equestrian Traffic Control lights and an accessible barrier and/or gates installed to ensure both horse riders and people on foot can cross the road safely.

You can read the assessment report below. 

Appraisal Proposed Temporary Diversion Route

  • Proposed Temporary Diversion Route (PDF 6.52 MB)

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Improving safety along Drummau Road

Despite the decision not to proceed with the alternative road, the council and Coal Authority recognise that residents are experiencing difficulties when using Drummau Road. Therefore, the council and the Coal Authority are currently exploring the potential to install traffic measures at narrow points along the length of Drummau Road. These measures should ensure that vehicles travelling from opposite directions do not block the highway. Further updates on this issue will be provided shortly.