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Candidate Sites

The Call for Candidate Sites is now closed

A call for Candidate Sites was held between 1st March 2022 and 31st May 2022, where the Council invited land to be submitted for development or protection.

The Call for Candidate Sites was one of the first formal stages in the RLDP process. The Council will now collate all the submissions and will publish a Candidate Site Register early July 2022.

Development Viability Model (DVM)

The Council has worked in partnership with other Council’s in the Mid and South West Wales regions, alongside town planning and development consultants Burrows-Hutchinson Ltd., to establish the DVM assessment tool. The DVM has been created as a comprehensive, user-friendly model that can be used by site proposers and decision makers for the purpose of assessing the financial viability of a development proposal.

The DVM is a ‘site-specific’ appraisal tool that has been produced to work with Microsoft Excel for Office 365, running on Microsoft Windows. Each copy of the model that is issued by the Council will be ‘locked’ to relate to a specific development site. The same copy of the model can, however, be re-used to assess more than one proposed scenario for development of that specific site.

Applicants using the Council’s Valuation Officer Service will be provided with a copy of the DVM following payment in full of the following fees:

Type of Scheme Fee
3 to 10 residential units £695
11 to 20 residential units £895
21 to 50 residential units £1,195
51+ residential units £ by agreement depending on size/ complexity
Retail/ commercial/ industrial development, net increase in floorspace of 1,000sqm or more £ by agreement depending on size/ complexity (but not less than £1,195)

Applicants submitting their viability appraisals directly to the Valuation Office will be charged £50 for a copy of the DVM prior to the release of the model to cover the administrative processing of the model.

Each copy of the DVM incorporates a “Quick Guide” and “Help Notes” are also incorporated into the model. The Council will also provide a detailed ‘DVM – User Guide’ to those who have purchased the model. A series of ‘how to’ videos have also been produced:

  1. Introduction to the DVM for Planning
  2. Resi Overview
  3. Resi Elements
  4. Costs
  5. Appraisal and Cashflow