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Introduction to NPTCBC

Neath Port Talbot Council has a Corporate Plan called ‘Shaping NPT’. It sets out what we are going to do to help the county borough become a better place for people to live, learn and work and bring up their families. A place where everyone has an equal chance to get on in life.

For more information on Shaping NPT and the work we are doing to help us improve the well-being of our residents and communities, please visit the Shaping NPT webpage.

In May 2022, NPTCBC will have 60 Councillors representing 34 electoral divisions (also known as wards) across Neath Port Talbot. They make decisions on how the Council is run and how to improve local services on behalf of local people. The way in which Councillors make decisions is informed by the ideas of the political parties they represent.

While both Councillors and Officers are involved in public service, there are differences in their roles – Councillors are responsible to the electorate, whilst Officers are responsible to the Chief Executive as Head of Paid Service; the Chief Executive of NPTCBC is Karen Jones.

There are protocols governing Councillor-Officer relationships and for dealings with Members of Parliament (MPs) and Members of the Senedd (MSs). There are also separate Codes of Conduct for both Councillors and Officers. Full training is provided on this by the Council’s Monitoring Officer.

The Council also has a Constitution which sets out how the Council operates. Some of these processes are required by law and others are a matter for the Council to choose.