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Special Equipment

Special Weighing and Measuring Equipment

The charges for examining, testing, certifying, stamping, authorising or reporting on special weighing or measuring equipment may be individually calculated by a local authority based upon a figure of £103.25 per officer/hour at the place where the service is provided. Such types of equipment, specifically excluded from the charges, detailed in Weights and Certificate of Errors , include:

  1. Automatic or totalising weighing machines ;
  2. Equipment designed to weigh loads in motion;
  3. Bulk fuel measuring equipment tested following a Regulation 65 or 66 occurrence;
  4. Weighing or measuring equipment tested by means of statistical sampling;
  5. The establishment of calibration curves from templates;
  6. Templates graduated in millilitres ; and
  7. Testing or other services in pursuance of a Community obligation other than EC initial or partial verification.