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The Council is the admission authority for all community maintained schools in the County Borough. As admission authority, the Council determines the criteria that will be applied when allocating places at community schools. This document sets out the admission arrangements that will apply during 2022/2023 for: nursery classes based at community primary schools; community primary schools; community secondary schools; and the Welsh medium sixth form at a community secondary school.

For voluntary aided (i.e. Faith) schools, it is each school’s governing body that determines the admission arrangements, details of which can be obtained from the respective governing body.

This policy document sets out the principles underpinning the admission arrangements for community schools together with the procedures and the timetables for admission during the 2022/2023 school year (appendices 1, 2, 3 & 4). Further details to assist parents in applying for a school place choosing a school for their child will be set out in the ‘Information for Parents Handbook 2022/2023’ which will be available to parents in October 2021, prior to the application date. The handbook will contain important information about schools in the County Borough including their admission numbers, the catchment areas they serve together and their partner school arrangements. The handbook also contains the published admission arrangements for individual voluntary aided (i.e. Faith) schools. In this respect, the ‘Information for Parents Handbook 2022/2023 forms an integral part of the information available to parents on school admission.