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Option 4 - PREFERRED OPTION - Roundabout alignment - health centre to be removed.

Option No. 4 removes the health centre allowing the opportunity for improvements to be made to the fire station access road, Albion bend and access to the library.The existing bridge structures over the railway on Maesteg Road would be removed, allowing for an uncontrolled crossing point on the same level adjacent to the roundabout, in order to maintain the Afan Valley cycle way link.

This option provides opportunities for enhanced improvements compared to options No.1, No.2 and No.3 in relation to highway alignment both horizontally and vertically. The removal of the health centre would allow the horizontal alignment to be enhanced and improve the arrangement of junctions. The main road realignment would provide for a roundabout instead of a T-junction. This would improve traffic flow and would realign the main road traffic away from the properties on Station Road, with residents benefiting from reduced noise and vehicle emissions. Station Road at this point would become a one-way street in the up-valley direction allowing for some on-street parking.

As with option No.3, this would be subject to community feedback with an opportunity to close Station Road to through traffic, requiring the acquisition of land to create a turning head.


  • Option No.4 – PREFERRED OPTION - roundabout alignment - health centre to be removed (PDF 3.11 MB)

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