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The Future of Work Strategy - Strategic Workforce Plan 2022 - 2027

What is The Future of Work Strategy?

The strategy sets out how we intend to shape Team NPT over the next 5 years, to ensure that together, as one council, we can focus on doing what matters to our residents, local businesses and investors, helping our residents to live good lives.

Why do we need one?

A talented and focussed workforce is critical for bringing the strategic priorities to life and ensures the organisation delivers on its wellbeing objectives. Direct people costs make up 45% of our total expenditure. The cost of getting it wrong can therefore be significant. Getting it right delivers significant improvements:

  • Identify and respond to changing citizens' needs.
  • Enable employees to have a good work-life balance and wellbeing.
  • Reflect the make-up of our population, strengthening our connection to our communities.
  • Increase our ability to innovate by being a truly diverse and inclusive organisation.
  • Use employee insight to drive highly effective strategies that enables people to fulfil their potential.
  • Deliver efficient public services that are good value for money.
  • Create an attractive employer brand that enables us to recruit and retain a highly capable workforce.

  • The Future of Work Strategy - Strategic Workforce Plan 2022 - 2027 (PDF 3.18 MB)

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Feedback on the plan

Over the past few months, we have been researching best practice and engaging with colleagues across the council to help develop our Future of Work Strategy - Strategic Workforce Plan 2022-27. We now have a final draft and would like to hear what you think of it.

We are holding a number of focus group sessions over the coming weeks to capture your thoughts on the plan, and these sessions are open to anyone who wishes to take part. Dates and venues can be found on the registration form.

These focus groups sessions are really important to get your feedback and check if you think there is anything missing from the strategy that we as an employer should take account of. The sessions will be:

  • Held face to face
  • No longer than an hour

All employees who attend a session will be afforded paid time off, you must of course check with you line manager as service needs come first - but we hope that all line managers will support their employees to attend a focus group as this will help shape the council’s strategic workforce plan.

Sign up for a session and have your say