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Educational Psychology Service - Putting psychology at the heart of children's development

Some parents can be worried about their child being seen by an Educational Psychologist and often have lots of questions about what we do. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions to hopefully put your mind at ease.


What should I do if I have concerns about my child's learning in school?

In the first instance you should share your concerns with your child's class teacher to see if there are similar concerns in school.

Can I refuse to give my permission for an EP to become involved with my child?

EPs will only work with the permission and support of parents/carers. We require your informed consent to be directly involved with your child.

Will I have the opportunity to discuss my child with the EP?

EPs work in partnership with parents / carers and it is important to us to consider the holistic view of your child. You can also be present when the EP sees your child. School will inform you when they have arranged for the EP to see your child.

Will I have written feedback when the EP has seen my child?

Yes, the EP has an agreement with your child's school that a written report will be sent to the school. They will share the report with you and will give you your own copy.

What information do you keep in a child's EP file?

We keep records of all consultations with teachers/parents, correspondence (e.g. notes of telephone calls, printed emails, letters sent & received, copies of our reports and other professional reports(e.g. SALT, OT, CAMHS), assessment information and observation notes.

What should I tell my child about meeting an EP?

As a parent you know your child best and know how to prepare them for new experiences. It is  best to try and tell your child the truth in a way that does not worry them. We have prepared a leaflet for Children & Young People in collaboration with Tonnau Primary School (See EPS Leaflet).

Do you share information with other agencies?

Yes if this is appropriate and if you have signed to give your informed consent. EPs work closely with other professionals and agencies in order to clarify the nature of any concerns and to provide children with appropriate support and intervention .  

Do EPs do home visits?

Yes EPs can carry out home visits if this is considered an appropriate course of action. Examples may be if a child is pre-school age, if it is during the school holidays, if the child / young person does not currently have a school placement or if a parent feels more comfortable at home than in school.