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Postal Proxy Voting

Postal Proxy Voting

Only electors who are registered individually are entitled to apply to vote by postal-proxy and their postal-proxy must also be individually registered.

If you have a postal proxy in place, your proxy will be sent a postal vote for elections that you are eligible for. Postal votes are usually sent out about ten days before election day – your proxy needs to make sure it is sent back so that it arrives by close of poll (which is 10pm on election day). If it arrives later than this your vote won’t be counted.

The proxy will need to complete the postal vote as per the instructions accompanying it, and on the security statement they will need to provide their date of birth and signature (as they did on the original application form). Once completed, they should post it as soon as possible to allow plenty of time for it to reach us.

Please note that, even if you change your mind on election day about allowing your proxy to vote on your behalf, you are not able to vote at your polling station on polling day if your proxy has been issued a postal vote.