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Third Sector Grants

The Neath Port Talbot Third Sector grant fund is now open for applications for 2018-2019 financial year.

 The closing date for applications is 29th September 2017 for a decision in December 2017.

How to apply

  • Download the appropriate application form.
  • Please read the Scheme before completing an application form.
  • Applications should show how the proposal embraces the Sustainable Development principle as contained within the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.
  • Return completed application via email by 29th September 2017.
  • An acknowledgement email will be sent on receipt of your application via the above email address. If you do not receive this email, please contact us
  • To request a hard copy of the application form, please contact us

Applications may be submitted in Welsh and will be dealt with to the same standards and time scales as those submitted in English

Further information about Third Sector grants is available below. Three application forms are available: 

Third Sector Grants Downloads
File type Document File size
docx Third Sector Grants Funding Scheme 58 KB
docx Application 1 - Form for core funding over £1,000 143 KB
docx Application 2 - Form for under £1,000 141 KB
docx Application 3 - Form for non core funding over £1,000 153 KB


Additional information

For 2018-2019, applications are particularly welcomed where the proposed activity will:

  1. Reduce demand on public services;
  2. Increase the number of people in the population who are digitally included;
  3. Reduce inequality;
  4. Draw in funding from other sources, increasing income to the county borough;
  5. Promote the independence and wellbeing of vulnerable people.

Applications will be assessed during October and November.

Applicants will be notified before 31st December on whether or not they have been successful.

Contact Us


Next Steps

  • Complete appropriate grant agreement form.

Grant Agreements

There are three types of Grant Agreement depending on the value of the grant awarded:

Grant Agreements
File type Document File size
docx Grant Agreement for under £1000 84 KB
docx Grant Agreement for One Year 68 KB
docx Grant Agreement for Three Years 70 KB

Monitoring and Evaluation

 When you have received your grant, a monitoring form will need to be completed.  

  • If receiving a 1 year grant, a monitoring form needs to be completed at the end of January.
  • If receiving a grant for more than 1 year then an interim form needs to be completed at the end of the first 6 months (April to end of September) and then another form at the end of March (for the period Oct to Mar).  
File type Document File size
docx End of Funding Monitoring Form 106 KB

If you would like to speak to an officer on your proposed application or have any queries concerning the Scheme and the completion of the above documentation please contact Ms D Weaver on: