Active Travel

'Active Travel' means walking and cycling for everyday short-distance journeys, such as journeys to school, work or for access to shops or services.

The Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 requires the Council to map and plan for suitable active travel routes within the following settlements specified by the Welsh Government: Neath, Port Talbot, Pontardawe, Croeserw, Cymmer, Brynamman, Gwaun Cae Gurwen, Blaengwrach, Glynneath, Cwmafan, Seven Sisters and Resolven.

The Council is required to prepare, publish and keep under review the following two maps:

  • Existing Route Map (ERM) - primarily intended to inform the public of the existing routes in the County Borough that the Council considers suitable for active travel and which meet standards set out in the Welsh Government's Active Travel Design Guidance
  • Integrated Network Map (INM) - setting out the Council’s aspirations for the next 15 years, identifying either improvements that could be made to existing routes or where new routes could be developed and added to the active travel network.
The revised ERM and new INM for Neath Port Talbot were approved by Ministers on 27th February 2018

Since receiving Ministerial approval of the first ERM on 12th August 2016, the Council has kept the ERM under review.

The review identified a limited number of additional routes that warranted inclusion and consequently the Council consulted upon these revisions in parallel with the emerging INM.

Both the revised ERM and INM were subsequently submitted to the Welsh Government in November 2017. Following a period of review, the Council received Ministerial approval of both maps on 27th February 2018.

Where Can I See the Maps?

The approved ERM can be viewed or downloaded on the following link: Existing Route Map

The approved INM can be viewed or downloaded on the following link: Integrated Network Map

An Interactive Active Travel Map is also available to access below [Click on each route to obtain the details]:

Printed copies of the maps are available on request.

What Happens Next?

Moving forward the Council will look to work with partner organisations and developers in order to deliver upon the aspirations set out in the INM and improve the active travel network wherever possible.

In addition, the Council is required to keep both maps under review and revised versions of the ERM and INM will need to be submitted to the Welsh Government no later than September 2021.

For More Information

If you require further information in regard to any aspect of the Active Travel maps, you can contact the Council direct either by telephone: [01639] 686845 or

Alternatively you can visit the Welsh Government Website.