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Press Release

Eight Top Recycling Tips for Neath Port Talbot this Christmas

20 December 2016

Some recycling tips from Neath Port Talbot Council for the festive period.

Green Bob

          1. Feed unwanted leftover food to your food waste bin

Did you know that 30% of general waste (black bag refuse) in Neath Port Talbot contains recyclable food waste?

Food waste that is sent to landfill has a big impact on the environment as it rots and release methane – a harmful greenhouse gas that is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Food recycling is easy; the full Christmas dinner leftovers can be recycled – bones and all.

Just remember to remove any packaging and don’t pour any liquids into your food bin.


          2. Most wrapping papers are not currently recyclable

The reason behind this is that most wrapping paper contains dyes, foils and glitters that contaminate the whole load at a recycling plant.

To avoid contamination issues, Neath Port Talbot Council advises residents to dispose of wrapping paper in with the black bag waste.


          3. Christmas cards are recyclable

And these should be recycled with your paper at the kerbside.


          4. A Christmas tree isn't just for Christmas...

Once you’re finished with your Christmas tree, remove all decorations, cut it up and recycle in your clear garden waste bags, making sure the bags are tied.

Christmas trees can get a new lease of life as wood chippings or compost.


          5. Recycling labels can be confusing

Many of us find recycling labels confusing – for instance, packaging can be marked us ‘made from recycled materials’, but that might not necessarily mean that it is recyclable.  

If you’re unsure, check the on pack recycling label (or OPRL).


          6. Know your collection days

Check your Christmas collection days here:

Don’t forget that all Neath Port Talbot Household Waste and Recycling Centres will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.


          7. Recycle all you can this Christmas

We understand you might collect more unrecyclable waste than normal this Christmas; if you need to put out an extra black bag on your first collection after Christmas we will happily take it. Please make every effort to recycle.

Normal limitations will resume the following week.


          8. Follow Recycle4NPT on Facebook and Twitter

For the latest updates, news and tips, follow @Recycle4NPT on Twitter and like Recycle4NPT on Facebook.