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Council negotiations save bus routes to Glyncorrwg and Abercregan

12 February 2018

Neath Port Talbot Council has reached an agreement with First Cymru to ensure the continuation of bus services to Glyncorrwg and Abercregan. The communities faced losing their bus route entirely after First Cymru gave formal notice of intent to cancel the 80 service due to low passenger numbers.

Following negotiations between Council officers, local elected members and First Cymru a revised timetable has been proposed which will see the continuation of the 80 Service.

The revised timetable will see a reduction in the number of journeys locally, with hourly daytime services to Glyncorrwg and Blaengwyfi being reduced to a two-hourly service, although Abercregan will continue to have five journeys per day and the frequency of services between Cymmer and Port Talbot will remain at the current level.

Cllr Ted Latham, Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Engineering said: “Neath Port Talbot Council understands that First Cymru’s proposals were made on a commercial basis but it also recognises the value of public transport within the valleys and the impact that ending bus provision to Glyncorrwg and Abercregan would have on those communities.”

“Whilst passenger numbers on these routes are small they are hugely important services to the people that do use them as they often have no alternative. Therefore we have been supporting local elected members to work with First Cymru to achieve a proposal which enables these services to continue.”

“The reduction in bus route subsidies is a wider issue of concern to rural areas across Wales and the Council will continue to work alongside bus operators to minimise the impact of any such future proposals, particularly in our valleys areas.”

The revised Blaengwynfi 83 service will see seven round trips to Port Talbot per day. The Glyncorrwg service will be reduced to five round trips per day plus the College morning and afternoon journey, a reduction of 12 trips.

In November 2017 Service 80 had a total of 2,253 passengers between Glyncorrwg and Cymmer via Abercregan, equating to an average of 2-3 passengers per journey.

The new service will come into operation from Tuesday 3rd April. For more information visit the First Cymru website:

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