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Council’s last sodium lights to go when LED lighting scheme is completed

26 June 2020

Another project to further modernise street lighting throughout Neath Port Talbot is about to begin which will include replacing the last few of Neath Port Talbot’s old fashioned “yellow” low pressure sodium lamps.

Council’s last sodium lights to go when LED lighting scheme is completed

The project, which follows previous work to renew old cables, columns and some lanterns, will see a further 2,000 old style high wattage lamps replaced across Neath Port Talbot by greener, lower energy LED lighting along with replacement of the remaining old style yellow “sodium lights”.

The project, which will see around £1m worth of lower energy LED lighting installed, will begin at the end of this month.  When finished the work will make savings in terms of energy of around £137,000 and 250 tonnes of CO2 per year, which in the first few years will be used to repay the funding.

The project has been funded by the Welsh Government’s Wales Funding Programme (administered by Salix Finance) which provides interest free Government funding to the public sector to improve carbon emissions and bring about lower energy bills.  The money for the project will be paid back through the savings made by greater energy efficiency.

Materials which have been on order by contractors are now due to arrive, signalling the start of the project for completion before the end of 2020.

Neath Port Talbot Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Streetscene and Engineering Cllr Ted Latham said: “It will be good to see further lower energy and reduced maintenance lighting being installed.

“This will not only give the residents of Neath Port Talbot the most up to date street lighting but it will also be cleaner and greener for our environment.  Furthermore, once the government interest free loan funding has been repaid continued savings will be retained by the Council”.

The energy saving lighting renewal project ties in with the council’s new Decarbonisation and Renewable Energy (DARE) strategy, published in June 2020, which outlines what the council has done so far to tackle climate change while unveiling a series of ambitious alternative fuel projects.

The aim of the new strategy (branded DARE) is to make Neath Port Talbot a dynamic centre for fuels of the future capitalising on its industrial and natural assets and central position in the heart of South Wales.

It is accompanied by an action plan which highlights the projects which are being pursued to secure the objectives of DARE. This will be an iterative document which will continually evolve to reflect the advances we are making to address some of the causes of climate change.

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