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Press Release

Letter from Cllr Rob Jones, Leader of NPT Council, to the residents affected by the Skewen floods

28 January 2021

At the time of writing it is a week since the ‘blow out’ occurred at Goshen Park Skewen which caused extensive flooding in the surrounding area. My thoughts are very much with all of those directly affected and also the wider community of Skewen.

There was an immediate emergency response which involved the community itself and many emergency services, including the council. Having visited the area during those first days, it has been remarkable how the incident was quickly brought under control, limiting further damage to property and protecting residents from immediate physical harm.

As the week has gone on, our focus has turned to how we can support our residents and the community to recover from what has happened. As you will now know, the Coal Authority will be leading the work needed to remediate the mine shaft at the junction of Goshen Park and Drummau Road and to establish a new permanent system to drain the mine water over the longer term. The Coal Authority team have also been working hard this week to contact residents directly affected by the incident to discuss residents’ personal situations. We are grateful to residents for making early contact with agencies so that contact details could be passed through to the Coal Authority for this process to get under way as quickly as the circumstances allow.

The Coal Authority has set up a helpline for residents of Goshen Park to make appointments to collect essential belongings and vehicles from their homes. That number is 0800 2884 268.

We know that residents want to get back to their properties as quickly as possible. Where it has been deemed safe for residents to return, it is vitally important that the gas and electricity services are checked by the utility companies to ensure they are safe to use. I know that the arrangements to enable this to happen have now been agreed and for many residents it will be possible to move forward. There will be many things that residents will need to work through over the coming weeks and months. The council and its many partners stand ready to provide ongoing help and support -  for example collecting damaged household items and giving public health advice on how to deal with the aftermath of flooding. We will maintain our Residents’ Incident Support Centre for the time being at Abbey Primary School and we will be supporting your local councillor, Mike Harvey, with information and support to make sure we have a good understanding of residents’ needs and can respond to those needs as they emerge.

Yours sincerely,


Councillor Rob Jones

Leader of the Council

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