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Skewen Floods Update – Wednesday 17 February

17 February 2021

Trees: The report from the council’s engineer confirms that the embankment upon which the trees are growing is structurally stable. The council also received the arboriculturalist report which confirms that a limited amount of work is required to seven trees within the area of land between Sunnyland Crescent and Cwrt y Clafdy which is protected by a Woodland Preservation Order. This work is limited to the removal of ivy and the lopping of a small number of branches.

The land is unregistered but the council has agreed to step in and undertake the work in this case, to further reassure residents. Notices will be displayed around the site to advise of the council’s intentions and enable the unregistered landowner to come forward. The aborculturalist is also in consultation with the council’s planning service to secure permission to undertake this limited work given the protection afforded to these trees.

Following the completion of this work, the council is satisfied that the trees do not pose a danger to nearby properties.

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