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Coronavirus Update: Neath Valley

31 March 2021

In response to a cluster of Covid cases in the Neath Valley, residents are being urged to stick to important social distancing/self-isolation rules and advised to book a test immediately if they have any new, even mild, symptoms they may feel are unusual for them or their child.


Whilst cases have dropped enough across Wales to allow restrictions to be eased, the situation can change quickly in a local area from just a few cases to many people being affected. So it is really important for us all to keep making the right choices - particularly in not meeting indoors with people you don’t live with.

A number of cases within the Neath Valley cluster have been linked to young people congregating in groups, both indoors and outdoors, particularly within the Resolven area.

Current Welsh Government rules mean 6 people from 2 households can meet outdoors and give us the chance to visit other parts of Wales. Organised children’s outdoor activities are also opening again.

Changes like these give a real beacon of hope after what has been a tough winter of restrictions but we should not forget this is a virus that spreads very quickly given the right opportunities.

This is especially true of newer variants, and symptoms other than the ‘classic’ three are being reported more often. For this reason Swansea Bay University Health Board is now testing for a wider range of flu-like symptoms, which may include any or all of:

  • myalgia (muscle ache or pain)
  • excessive tiredness
  • persistent headache
  • runny nose or blocked nose (unless this is a known hay fever symptom for the individual)
  • persistent sneezing
  • sore throat and/or hoarseness, shortness of breath or wheezing

Testing is also open to anyone generally feeling unwell who has been in contact with a known COVID-19 case; anyone with new or changed symptoms following a previous negative test; or anyone with one or more of the three ‘classic’ coronavirus symptoms:

  • Fever
  • a new continuous cough
  • or a loss/change of taste and smell

People who had any of the classic or new symptoms and wanted a test should ring 119 or book online:

As these are national contacts, you may automatically be asked about the classic three symptoms. However, simply choose either option: “you have been asked to take a test by your local council” or “you are part of a government pilot project” to book your test.

You can also ring 01639 862757 and speak to an operator who will book your test.

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