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You say you’ve been monitoring the situation for some time – how?

The council has been inspecting the area for a number of years and investigations have been carried out in the area.

Over this period several consultants have been employed to advise the council and various reports and independent assessments produced. Following the landslide in 2012 a report known as the Jacobs report was written and published (December 2013) this is on our website. A further report was undertaken by Earth Science Partnership in September 2016. ESP continue to monitor the landslide area and are in the process of updating the Hazard Zone map for the council as a consequence.

The Hazard Risk Map was developed to establish the extent of the risk to residential properties – this has been revised and updated to ensure its accuracy over the years.

A monitoring regime in relation to ground water levels and surface movement is ongoing. This is through the use of monitoring equipment which has been placed into existing and new boreholes which have been created throughout the Pantteg area. This equipment will identify changes in ground water levels in addition to movements of the ground. Lidar surveys are also being undertaken which will map out the area at the moment. These areas will be re-surveyed early next year to establish whether and where there has been ground movement.

The Council allocated £440K to monitor the landslip, enhance the drainage and rebuild retaining walls over the next three years.