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Consultation Documents

Ensuring that we get feedback on our proposals is very important to us.

During the consultation phases, we work with the schools to to gather views from as many groups of interested parties as possible. These include; parents, teachers, support staff, school governors and pupils.

Current consultation documents

Proposal to establish an English-medium 3-11 school to replace Alltwen Primary School, Godre’rgraig Primary School and Llangiwg Primary School


  • Consultation Document (PDF 1.17 MB)
  • Comment Form (PDF 693 KB)


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Frequently Asked Questions

If your child currently attends Years 3 –Year 6 (Key Stage 2) in any of the three schools then when the proposed new school opens in September 2024 they will have moved into Cwmtawe Community School (or other by parental preference). All pupils in the three existing schools in Reception - Year 2 (Foundation Phase) will automatically transfer to the new school subject, also, to parental preference. Nursery pupils transferring to full-time education will need to apply for a place at the proposed new primary school, in line with the Council’s school admissions policy.


The proposed school will be built on land at Parc Ynysderw. This will enable the new school to have access to large outdoor play areas and improved physical activity and wellbeing opportunities, and will offer far more space to accommodate a greater number of pupils in a purpose built school appropriate to the requirements of the modern curriculum. 

Officers are currently looking at possibilities for reconfiguring and improving the sports fields and facilities, including refining the drainage systems as part of the proposed project. Alternative land will be sourced to replace any play areas or green space that might be taken up by the proposed new school.

All schools in Neath Port Talbot are committed to encouraging walking and cycling to school where possible. For many of the primary aged pupils the possible location of the proposed new school on the site at Ynysderw remains within 2 miles travel distance for homes in the catchment area. Prior to the new school opening suitable walking and cycling routes will be assessed.

Support with home to school travel will be made available in line with the Council’s Home to School Transport policy. This means that primary school aged pupils living 2 miles or more from their nearest suitable or designated school will be considered for transport assistance.

Pupils with additional learning needs, including children with statements of special educational needs that are currently supported in a mainstream setting will continue to receive the appropriate level of support.

A larger school will mean increased numbers of staff which could bring a greater level of special education experience to one school, and shared good practice will increase knowledge and understanding to help pupils reach their potential. The addition of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) learning support centre (LSC) to the proposed school will bring further expertise to the learning environment and specialist support to the whole school.

Details of the actual classes, number of pupils within them and specific location within the school will be determined by the senior leadership team, including the Governing Body, of the proposed new school. It is the responsibility of the leadership team in the school to organise classes and to ensure that statutory and recommended guidelines set by Welsh Government which recommends classes do not go above 30 are followed.

There is no evidence to suggest that behaviour is worse in larger rather than smaller schools, or that bullying is more prevalent. All schools have behaviour policies that are devised with the pupils, which help to support appropriate behaviour.

Informal interviews conducted with members of the school communities within Neath Port Talbot where pupils have moved from a closed small school to a larger school have shown that pupils adapt to their new environments very quickly, that they make new friends and that they are happy in their new schools.

Every new school build in Neath Port Talbot is subject to rigorous highways and planning scrutiny before planning approval is granted, and in many cases as part of the scheme significant work has led to improved traffic management and access arrangements in the area. Should the proposal be approved it will be a pre-requisite of gaining planning consent that traffic management and safe routes for pupils and parents are thoroughly addressed.

The new build school will be an exciting place for pupils and staff both internally and externally. It will have spacious, light and airy classrooms, with access to a range of high quality and appropriate spaces for social interaction. The new buildings will facilitate easier delivery of the new curriculum for Wales, and will provide greater opportunities for an inclusive, skill based approach to teaching and learning. It will aim to provide improved health and wellbeing facilities for pupils and the community.

The combined new build school, specialist ASD provision and leisure facilities will form part of a learning, health and wellbeing community campus at the Parc Ynysderw site, complementing the existing Cwmtawe Community School and Pontardawe Leisure Centre provision

The three school sites are owned by the Council and no decision has been taken on their potential future use. Should plans to develop a new school at Pontardawe proceed then the vacated school buildings at Alltwen, Godre’rgraig and Llangiwg will be surplus to the educational requirements of the Council and as such, any future use will be considered within the context of the Council’s corporate asset management process. If the sites or are sold (in part or full), the monies raised will be reinvested into the general education budget.

A community impact assessment will be undertaken which will help to inform any decision to close the existing schools. Given the broad range of community, sporting and cultural offerings already known to be available within the wider catchment areas served by the three existing schools, community activity is very likely to focus on extra-curricular or pupil orientated pursuits. Should the proposal proceed, any such events provided at each of the existing primary schools could be relocated to the proposed new school at Parc Ynysderw.

Past consultation documents

To view previous documents, search for the relevant Cabinet Report