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12. There is not one jot of evidence in the reports I have read which says the land will move – plenty which says the tiling’s / quarry waste MIGHT in the event of an extreme weather event. [by email]

The slope stability and preliminary sensitivity analysis showed that the Quarry Spoil Tip is likely to be marginally stable, but likely to be unstable as a result of a significant weather event increasing groundwater pore pressures in the tip (or increasing the groundwater table). If the Quarry Spoil Tip were to be scrutinised to modern safety criteria, it would need significant alteration or betterment to increase its stability or remedial options would be needed to reduce the risk it poses to elements at risk to low.

Monitoring shows downward movement of the Quarry Spoil Tip (towards the school). Our previous assessment suggested that the Quarry Spoil Tip was Marginally Stable, i.e., that it was likely to fail at some time in response to destabilising forced reaching a certain level of activity.  The information from the inclinometers suggest that the Quarry Spoil Tip is moving and is Actively Unstable, i.e., destabilising forces are producing continuous or intermittent movements.