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Personal Assistant Vacancies

The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS611 - Personal Assistant - 10 hours per week - Tonna (Neath)

    I am a mature gentleman living within the Neath Port Talbot area. I have a good sense of humour and love to have a chat. I have a keen interest within history and I also like to visit the library. I have a keen interest in photography. I enjoy going into town and having a coffee in the local coffee shop. I am looking for a personal assistant to help support me with shopping tasks. I would also require support with cooking and meal preparation. I like to take part in meaningful activities within the community.

    10 hours per week 

    Tuesday mornings (this cannot be changed) however, the rest of the weeks hours can be discussed during interview. 

  2. DPSS595 - Personal Assistant - 3 hours per week - Neath (Neath)

    I am a 42 year old lady living in Neath. I have Fibromyalgia which affects my mobility, and this can change daily. I also suffer with low moods and anxiety. I am looking for a PA keep me company at home, support me when I go out shopping, go for a coffee, and walk my dog with me, or for me, if I am having a bad day. PA to support me with cooking if needed.

    3 hours a week possibly leading to 5 hours.

    Days and times are flexible, but will usually be worked in one 3 hour block after mid-day.

  3. DPSS596 - 2 x Personal Assistants - 4 hours per PA, per week - Coed Hirwaun (Neath)

    I am an 11 year old boy living in the Coed Hirwaun area of Port Talbot. I am a very affectionate little boy, with a very happy, cheeky and mischievous personality. I am curious and very aware of what goes on around me. I am very sociable and love being around others. I am non-verbal, but I can let you know what I want. I have Autism and learning difficulties. I wear pull-up nappies. I have no safety awareness and I can run off – I need someone to keep eyes on me at all times.

    4 hours per PA (8 hours double staffed) to be worked on the weekend.

    Days and times are flexible - to be discussed during interview.

  4. DPSS591 - Personal Assistant - 6 hours per week - Sandfields (Port Talbot)

    I am a lady in my early 30’s, living in the Sandfields area with my family and 4 dogs. I enjoy arts & crafts, reading and being out in nature. I like visiting places such as the beach, local nature areas and the library. I have Autism and can become overwhelmed and anxious in busy places. I have a weakness in my back and legs, and use a walking stick and electric wheelchair. I would like a PA to support me to attend local groups that I am interested in.

    6 hours per week to be used as 2 x 3 hour blocks.

    Days are flexible. Start time will be around mid-day.

  5. DPSS605 - Personal Assistant - 7 hours per week - Neath (Neath)

    I am a mature lady living within the Neath Port Talbot Area. I am looking for a Personal assistant to support me within the community. I have a good sense of humour, I enjoy a good chat. I am an animal lover and have one small dog. I enjoy taking my dog for a daily walk. I like socialising within the community, chatting with friends, shopping trips and going for coffee. I used to enjoy the gym and would love to return at some point.

    7 hours per week.

  6. DPSS537 - 2 x Personal Assistants - 6 hours per PA - Tonna (Neath)

    I am a 21 year old Autistic man living with my family in Neath.


    6 hours per PA, per week (double staffed calls)

    To be worked as 2 x 3 hour blocks from 3pm/ 3:30pm onward – days are flexible.

  7. DPSS600 - Personal Assistant - 3 hours per week - Briton Ferry (Neath)

    I am a bubbly lady with a good sense of humour, I love to have a good chat and a good laugh. I am looking for a PA who would accompany me to socialise within the community, I enjoy going shopping and for meals out. Also help with light duties within the home. I am quite flexible with days, however I cannot commit to a Tuesday. I do have a walking aid which I use when I am out and about.

    3 hours per week and I am flexible with days. This can be discussed during interview. 

  8. DPSS612 - Personal Assistant - 3 hours per week - Sandfields (Port Talbot)

    I am a 9 year old boy living in the Sandfields area. I like to hold hands and I am very chatty. I have Autism, a learning disability, challenging behaviour and Hypermobility which causes me joint pain. I have Asthma but this is well controlled. I am able to go to the toilet by myself, but the PA will need to be very responsive when I say I need to go, as I may not give much warning.

    3 hours usually on a Saturday morning, with the possibility of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon instead.

  9. DPSS609 - Personal Assistant - 4 hours per week - Skewen (Neath)

    I am very lively, bubbly, fun and energetic 6 year old boy living in Skewen. I have Autism and Epilepsy. I can experience Challenging Behaviour which includes running off, as I have no sense of danger. The PA will need to undergo Physical Restraint training, which will be provided.

    4 hours during term time to be worked on a Sat/ Sun after 10am

    8 hours during school holidays – days and times flexible

  10. DPSS607 - Personal Assistant - 4 hours per week - Bryncoch (Neath)

    I am an older lady living in the Bryncoch area of Neath. I am a former teacher and used to be a member of the Women’s Institute. I am looking for a personal assistant to support me both in my home and my community. I enjoy walking and spending time in nature. I love gardening, flowers and birds. I would like to be supported by the personal assistant to go to the shops and local garden centre, and to socialise with friends. I enjoy watching television dramas and listening to audio books. I am also a fan of classical music and previously was a member of a local choir.

    4 hours per week to be worked either on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon. Flexibility is required and the hours may be worked either in a four hour block or two blocks of two hours. This will depend on the requirements for that week.

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