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Personal Assistant Vacancies

The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS234 - Personal Assistant - Margam - 21 Hours Per Week (Port Talbot)

    I am a man in my mid 30s living in the Margam area of Port Talbot. I have Asperger’s syndrome. I am a keen gamer (PS4!!). I am a bit of a film buff. I like to watch movies and read up on films, to see what goes on behind the scenes on movie sets and other information. I also like comic books and to talk about American Politics.

    21 hours to be used flexibly throughout the week


  2. DPSS222 - Personal Assistant - Port Talbot - 5 hours per week per PA (10 hours double staffed) (Port Talbot)

    I am a teenager living in the Port Talbot area. I am a chatty young man and my favourite subjects to talk about are Formula 1, Marvel and history. I like fast cars, playing computer games and watching YouTube videos. I also like going to the café for tea and food and going to the cinema. I am a very sensitive and caring person who is fun loving and enjoys having a laugh and some gentle banter. I’m hoping to find 2 x PA’s to help me with my evening routine, so my Mum can have a break.

    5 hours per week per PA (10 hours double staffed)

    Each PA to work Mon to Fri for 1 hour in the evening.

    The evening hours can be flexible and will be between 19:00 and 21:00. Hours may vary during school holidays.

  3. DPSS274 - Personal Assistant - Skewen - 14 hrs per week (Neath)

    I am a lady in my 40s living in the Skewen Area with my parents. I like going to the cinema and to the local library for crafts classes. I have a bubbly personality and am looking for someone who has the same personality. I like cooking. I am unable to walk great distances due to asthma and joint pain but am happy to do small walks locally.

    14 hours in total to be worked as:

    Tues 7 hours and Thurs 7 hours.

    Hours are regular but may vary occasionally

  4. DPSS276 - Personal Assistant - Bryncoch - COVER 7 hrs per week (Neath)

    I am a lady in my 50s living in the Neath area. I am married and have a son of 10 years old. I have MS and use a wheelchair but I am able to weight bare. I attend yoga and Physio. I like animals and have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I would like assistance to take the dogs out for walks on occasions. I have a wheelchair accessible car which the PA could use if they have a clean driving licence.

    Hours of Work:  COVER POST - 7 hours per week to be used as follows:

    Monday and Tuesday – 09:30 to 13:00

    Flexibility is required as times may vary on occasion.

    Please note: this is a cover post for PA sickness and annual leave. 

  5. DPSS273 - Personal Assistant - Neath - 6 Hours a week plus COVER (Neath)

    I am a young man living in the Neath area. I have mild learning difficulties. I am a Type1 Diabetic, but I am also alcohol dependent. I live alone but need support to enable and empower me to continue to live independently. I do not mind if I have a male or a female carer, but I need somebody who is down to earth while being strong enough to put boundaries in place and ensuring these are met. I would require support with medical appointments, shopping, household tasks and prompts with personal hygiene.

    6 hours per week to be worked as 3 hours on a Thursday and Friday from 10:30am until 1:30 pm

    Plus a PA to cover shifts in the event of sickness/ leave

  6. DPSS298 - Personal Assistant - Croeserw - 20 hours a week (Port Talbot)

    I am a lady in my 30s living in the Croeserw area.  I like to go shopping and going to the cinema.  I enjoy gardening and collecting plants.  I enjoy reading all types of books and I also enjoy listening to music.  I would like a personal assistant to support me to visit museums, and possibly go to concerts or live comedy shows such as Mrs Brown’s Boys or Russell Howard.  I would also like to go out for lunch and occasionally meet up with old school friends.

    20 hours per week – Days are flexible and can be discussed at interview.

  7. DPSS497 - Personal Assistant - Sandfields - 6 hours permanent (plus 12 hours COVER) (Port Talbot)

    I am a 35 year old female living in the Sandfields area of Port Talbot.  I have 2 children and I also have dogs.  I enjoy watching Television and have a good sense of humour.  I attend a weekly Stroke Group on a Wednesday.  I am looking for a female personal assistant to support me for 6 hours on a permanent basis, and also to provide cover for 12 hours a week when my current PA is on leave or unwell. PA to support me with day to day tasks, such as taking me out and about in the community to help with my emotional wellbeing etc.

    There is one permanent post for 6 hours per week -

    to be used on a Monday and a Friday from 10:00 to 1pm.

    and also a cover post for 12 hours a week – to cover PA sickness and annual leave when required. The cover 12 hours per week to be used as follows:

    Monday – 10.00am to 2.00pm (4 hours)

    Wednesday – 10.00am to 2.00pm (4 hours) (to attend Stroke Group)

    Friday – 10.00am to 2.00pm (4 hours)

  8. DPSS312 - Personal Assistant - Margam - 12 Hrs Per Week (Port Talbot)

    I am a 60-year-old man living in Margam. I have Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. I also have a slight sensory impairment and speech impediment. I am able to walk short distances but use a wheelchair when out for long periods. I am very sociable and love to be out and about. I enjoy watching football on telly and going to see Swansea City play. I enjoy bowling, going to the cinema and out with social groups. I also try to go to the gym at least twice a week.

    12 hours per week to be used as follows:

    4 hours on a Tues, Wed and Thurs.

    Additional hours may be offered from time to time to cover holiday and sickness.

  9. DPSS334 - Personal Assistant - Briton Ferry - 9 Hrs Per week (Neath)

    I am a man in my 50s living in the Briton ferry area and I am visually impaired. I enjoy sport and I like to listen to games on the T.V and radio. I like to get out and about. I like to visit peaceful places where it’s not too crowded. I love music especially from the 60s and 70s.

    9 hours per week – to be used flexibly throughout the week

    Hours can be agreed in advance by mutual consent.


  10. DPSS350 - Personal Assistant - Margam - 8 Hrs - Sat OR Sun (Port Talbot)

     I am a man in my 30s living in the Margam area with my family. I have complex medical needs including things like diabetes which I’ll discuss further when we meet. I enjoy crafts, exercise, going swimming and to the cinema 

    Hours of Work:  8 hours per week - Sat OR Sun

    From 9am onwards to be use on a Saturday or Sunday.

    Additional cover hours may be offered from time to time.


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