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Personal Assistant Vacancies

The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS381|Personal Assistant|Seven Sisters|18 Hours Per week (Neath)

    I am a 25 year old young man with Autism and learning disabilities living in the Seven Sisters area of Neath. I enjoy going out in my local community on the bus, swimming, bike ability and walking. I also enjoy bowling, trampolining and being active. I have limited communication and can get anxious in new social situations so need to be supported on a 1:1 basis at all times, at times I may need 2:1 when I am on longer day trips. I also need some support in the house with daily living tasks.

    18 hours per week


    6 to 12 hours to be worked on a Saturday with the remainder to be worked flexibly through the week.

    Hours are worked on a rota and are agreed in advance.

    Additional cover hours in the week will be offered from time to time.


    Rate of Pay: £8.91 per hour.

  2. DPSS401|Personal Assistant|Taibach|8 hours per week to be used over 2 days. (Port Talbot)

    I am a lady in my 60s living in the Taibach area. 

    8 hours per week to be used over 2 days.

    Days will normally be during the week but there might need to be some flexibility.

    Hours will be agreed in advance.

  3. DPSS415|Personal Assistant|Seven Sisters |12 Hrs Per week (Neath)

    I am a lady in my 50s living in the Seven Sisters area of Neath and mobilise using my wheelchair. I enjoy doing craft activities, playing scrabble on my DS and completing jigsaws. During the evenings I like to listen to music. I am looking to recruit a Personal Assistant to support me to attend the stroke group in the Melin on a Wednesday and to occasionally attend a computer class in Llandarcy on a Monday. I have recently purchased some fishing equipment and I would like to start going fishing in Crynant and would like a Personal Assistant to support me with this.

    Hours of Work: 12 hours in total

    Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday is preferred however exact days and times can be discussed at interview


  4. DPSS420 - Personal Assistant - Trebanos - 17 hrs 30 Mins (Pontardawe)

    I am a woman living in the Pontardawe area. I enjoy being active and would like a female carer to support me to continue to be active and live as independently as possible. I enjoy going to exercise classes and due to the pandemic, I would like somebody who can be flexible, to support me with the classes when they are available, as this is particularly important to me. I would like to have a PA who is down to earth and with a good sense of humour. I do not need support with personal care, but I would need support to access my shower due to mobility issues. I would also require support with medical appointments, shopping, and household tasks, such as cleaning and laundry. I have a dog and like to take him out for walks, so would like somebody who is dog friendly. Before the pandemic I was also engaged in a lifelong learning course, so I would be looking for support with this when it starts back up again.

    17 hours 30 minutes per week to be used flexibly.

    Additional cover hours may be offered from time to time to cover annual leave/sickness.

  5. DPSS426|Personal Assistant|Pontardawe|15 Hrs Per week (Pontardawe)

    I am an 13 year old boy living in the Pontardawe area. I am a very quiet person and can be a little subdued at times; other times when I feel really happy I can be more vocal.

    15 hours per week.

    Monday – 3pm to 7pm.

    Tuesday – 3pm to 7pm.

    Thursday – 3pm to 7pm.

    Every other Saturday to make the hours up to an average of 15 per week.


    Flexibility is required at times may vary on occasion and to cover any holidays or sickness taken by the other Personal Assistants.

  6. DPSS477 - Personal Assistant - Neath - 4hrs per week (Neath)

    I am a gentleman in my 60s living in the Caewern area of Neath. I am interested in animals and wildlife and own five horses which are stabled locally. I am looking for a Personal Assistant to support me to access local amenities such as the shops in Neath, supporting me to see my horses and to accompany me to access local beauty spots such as Aberavon beach .

    4 hours per week to be worked split over two days midweek, possibly early to mid-afternoon. Flexibility is required. 

  7. DPSS431|Personal Assistant|Margam|12 hrs per week| 6 Hrs Per P.A (Port Talbot)

    I am a lady in my 40s living in Margam. I am able to walk short distances and use the aid of a wheelchair for both in and outdoors due to mobility difficulties resultant of a brain injury.

    Hours of Work: 12 Hrs per week in total. 6 hours per PA.


    This is a double staffed position.

    Hours will normally be worked in two 3 hour blocks per week.

    Days and times can be agreed at interview. Hours will be agreed in advance by mutual consent.

    Rate of Pay: £8.91 per hour.

  8. DPSS458|Personal Assistant|Port Talbot|6 hours per week (Port Talbot)

    I am a lady in my 60s living in the Margam area.  I have Autoimmune Liver Disease, epilepsy and arthritis.  I like cooking, shopping, I like going down the Gower and I like to be outdoors.  I am unable to walk very far so need to use a wheelchair.  I like going for coffees and to the Epilepsy Support Group.

    6 hours per week


    Normally worked over 2 days Tuesday and Thursday. Exact days vary depending on appointments.


    There is some flexibility and hours will be agreed in advance.


  9. DPSS459 - Personal Assistant - Port Talbot - 20 Hrs Per week (Port Talbot)

    I am a man in my twenties living in the Port Talbot area. I am a former sports coach, teaching assistant and local volunteer football coach for under 5s & under 6s. I am into indie/alternative British rock music and bands such as Oasis and Kasabian. I also like classic rock, have a varied music taste and I enjoy playing the guitar. I am  Looking for somebody to help me on my journey to improve and enjoy life post stroke.

    20 hours per week to be worked Monday to Friday.


    Current timetable is detailed below, however this is subject to change especially with current covid-19 restrictions.


    Monday – Surfability in Swansea 9.30am-11.00am plus travel time

    Tuesday – Hours are flexible during the day to attend physio sessions, Neuropsychology sessions and social activities such as swimming, gym, cinema and food etc.

    Wednesday - Woodwork in Morriston 1.30pm-2.30pm plus travel time

    Thursday - Same as Tuesday.

    Friday - Music therapy but currently on video chat but could be in Morriston in the future.

    Hours can be discussed further at interview.

  10. DPSS460|Personal Assistant|Port Talbot|6 hours per week double staffed (3 hours per PA) (Port Talbot)

    I am a 8 year old boy living in the Sandfields area of Port Talbot. I love being active and enjoy going to the park, to Limitless and going on trampolines. I love going for walks around Margam Park and The Gnoll. I also enjoy going swimming. I like to run off so need a Personal Assistant who can keep up with me and keep me safe. I can also be nervous in loud environments.

    Hours of Work: 6 hours per week double staffed (3 hours per PA) – Hours to be used on Saturday’s – times to be discussed.

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