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The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS460|Personal Assistant|Port Talbot|6 hours per week double staffed (3 hours per PA) (Port Talbot)

    I am a 7 year old boy living in the Sandfields area of Port Talbot. I love being active and enjoy going to the park, to Limitless and going on trampolines. I love going for walks around Margam Park and The Gnoll. I also enjoy going swimming. I like to run off so need a Personal Assistant who can keep up with me and keep me safe. I can also be nervous in loud environments.

    Hours of Work: 6 hours per week double staffed (3 hours per PA) – Hours to be used on Saturday’s – times to be discussed.

  2. DPSS462|Personal Assistant|Seven Sisters |6 Hours per week (Neath)

    I am 17 year old male living in the Seven Sisters area of Neath with my family. My hobbies and interest including NFL and gaming – my favourite games are Madden NFL 21 and F1. I also have a keen interest in steam engines and have a few of my own model railways.

     6 hours per week to be worked over one or two afternoon/evenings per week. Flexibility may be required on occasion.


  3. DPSS465|Personal Assistant|Neath|8Hrs Per Week (Neath)

    I am a gentleman in my 60s living in the Bryncoch area with my wife and 2 dogs. I have diabetes which has affected my mobility and dexterity, I also have occasional memory problems and can get a little confused from time to time. I enjoy rugby, caravanning and photography. I also used to be a keen reader and liked to go for a drive. I also enjoy gardening but struggle to do this nowadays. I’m looking for a PA to help me get out a bit more, perhaps to go for a drive, sit in the garden or to play dominos. I am a little bit isolated and would like to spend some time socialising with new people so my wife can have a little bit of respite.  

    Hours of Work: 8 hours per week to be split over 2 or 3 days.

    Hours will preferably be worked on a Thursday or Friday but with some flexibility. 

    Rate of Pay: £8.72 per hour.


  4. DPSS464|Personal Assistant|Port Talbot|2 Hrs per week (Port Talbot)

    I am a 10 year old girl in the Port Talbot area who communicates via PECS and my electronic device. I enjoy sensory input and enjoy playing on my trampoline and swing. I am mobile but do use a wheelchair when out and about. I love being outdoors, swimming and people watching. I’m looking for a PA to start working with me to socialise and start developing my independence outside of the home. If I feel frustrated or upset I can be a little challenging but this is quite rare. I also don’t have much of a sense of danger so I’ll need you to keep an eye on me. I like cheeky and fun people that don’t mind being a bit mischievous but I also need people who can be firm with me when needed.   

    2 hours per week.


    Preferably Thursday evenings however hours can be worked flexibly.


    Additional cover hours will be offered from time to time. These will include occasional weekends.


    Rate of Pay: £8.72 per hour.

  5. DPSS463|Personal Assistant|Bryncoch|12.5 Hrs per week (Neath)

    I am a lady in my 80s living with my son in the Bryncoch area who supports me along with ‘home care support’ four times per day.

    7.5 hours per week to be used flexibly with a further 5 hours to be offered as flexible extra hours  

    Hours to be worked to offer support as and when required

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