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The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS439|Personal Assistant|Altwen|4 Hrs Per week (Pontardawe)

    I am a 16-year-old young lady living in the Alltwen area of Pontardawe.  I enjoy going to the gym and attending Zumba classes.  I enjoy listening to Rap music and would like to attend concerts in the future.  I occasionally like to go to the Cinema.  I am looking for a Personal Assistant to help me fine new activities that we could do together.  I do not like shopping.  Sometimes I like to relax and also enjoy going for a drive in the car.  I do not like lots of noise or crowded places.  I enjoy dancing and am a very sociable person.

    4 hours per week – possibly to be used as 8 hours every 2 weeks on a weekend or during the weekday evenings

  2. DPSS441|Personal Assistant|Port Talbot|4 Hrs Per week (Port Talbot)

    I am a 12-year-old boy living in the Port Talbot area looking to recruit two Personal Assistants to support me to access social activities. I really enjoy going to the cinema, out for food and to Jump Jam however I do not like busy and noisy places so my Personal Assistants will need to be mindful of this when accessing activities. I also enjoy quieter activities like going for a drive in the car.

    8 hours per week double staffed shared between two Personal Assistants who will work 4 hours each. Hours are to be worked flexibly either during the evenings or on the weekends.


  3. DPSS442|Personal Assistant|Pontardawe Area|3 Hrs Per Week (Pontardawe)

    I am a 14-year-old young man living in the Pontardawe area.  I love playing the drums and enjoy listening to Nirvana.  My interests are Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon and Anime films.  I am looking for a Personal Assistant to support me with my independence and encourage me to enjoy new experiences.

    3 hours per week – days and times are flexible and can be discussed at interview.

  4. DPSS445 Personal Assistant Cwmgorse 6 hours per week (Pontardawe)

    I am a gentleman in my 70s living in the Cwmgorse area with my wife. I would like a second PA to work alongside my current PA, So my wife and I are both supported to socialise and access the community. We both very much enjoy the opportunity to get out and about. We both have additional needs and both need PA support but we are very friendly; we both have a good sense of humour and enjoy company.     

    6 hours per week


    3 hours to be worked on a Tuesday and a Wednesday,

    Times can be negotiated at interview



  5. DPSS446 Personal Assistant Neath 3 hours per week (Neath)

    I am a 76 year old woman living in Neath. I have had a Stroke which has affected my right side. I also have back and neck problems which has an impact on my mobility, I am also deaf in my right ear but now wear hearing aids. I am a social person and enjoy chatting and spending time with people. I also enjoy shopping, watching TV and going out into town. I am very house proud and like my house to be clean and comfortable. 

    3 hours per week to be used as follows:


    Tuesday – 1.00pm to 4.00pm to take me to Tesco shopping and to the café for food or to support me at home


    There may be additional hours offered from time to time and you may be asked to provide holiday cover occasionally.


  6. DPSS448 Personal Assistant Baglan Casual hours (Port Talbot)

    I am a gentleman in my 60s living in the Baglan area of Port Talbot. My family describe me as a having a good sense of humour and being easy to get on with. I enjoy sports and follow the Six Nations rugby and support St Albans football team. I also have a keen interest in history and enjoy watching the odd episode of Dads Army.

    Casual position to cover annual leave and sickness. 10 hours per week to be worked usually on a Wednesday and Thursday.

  7. DPSS452 Personal Assistant - Neath - 10 hours per week. (Neath)

    I am a 74 year old gentleman living in the Cilfrew area of Neath.  I have always been hard working.  I love chatting to people and love talking about trucks and cars.  I enjoy watching the news.  I enjoy going to Neath Market and having a look around.  I have a dog that I like to take for walks.  I sometimes have periods of low mood and therefore, require a Personal Assistant who can chat with me and give me motivation.

     10 hours per week to be used over 3 days a week (1x 4 hours and 2x 3 hours) – days and times to be discussed.  Flexibility is required.

  8. DPSS450| Personal Assistant| Glynneath| 5hrs 20mins per week (Neath)

    I am a 25 year old young lady living in the Glynneath area.  My hobbies are music, photography, painting, craft work, reading and computers.  I also love animals. 

    5 hours 20 mins per week to be used on Wednesday’s and Friday’s to transport me to and from my volunteer work placement.  Times to be discussed.  Flexibility required.

  9. DPSS449 Personal Assistant Rhos 8.45 hours per week (Pontardawe)

    I am a gentleman in my 60s living in the Rhos area of Pontardawe with my family. I enjoy looking through books, listening to music and making sounds on my small guitar. My mobility is limited so I will require some support in moving around my home. I also have limited communication and it may take some time to get to know how I communicate.

    Hours of Work: Two calls per day – 45minutes AM call at approx. 9am x 7 days a week and 30minute evening call at approx. 9.30pm x 7 days a week. Looking to recruit three PAs to share these hours. Start times may also vary on occasion.


    Total hours: 8.45 per week


  10. DPSS453| Personal Assistant| 3hrs per week| Port Talbot (Port Talbot)

    I am a 51 year old male living in the Port Talbot area.  I like watching films, going out walking, and going shopping.  I also like using computers and playing computer games. I enjoy listening to Rock music and enjoy talking about Politics.  I am looking for a Personal Assistant to support me in the community with the activities that I would like to.  I am registered as visually impaired.

    Hours of Work: 3 hours per week to be used as follows:

    Wednesday afternoon – 1 hour 30 mins

    The other 1 hour 30 mins is to be used flexibly


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