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Personal Assistant Vacancies

The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS512 - Personal Assistant - 10 hours per week (approx) - Neath (Neath)

    I am a woman in my mid-fifties living in central Neath currently struggling with Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) among other health conditions. I am looking to employ a PA to assist me to be as independent and as fulfilled as my current circumstances allow. I live with my dog and cat and consider myself to be friendly with a good sense of humour.

    Approx. 10 per week initially with a view to increasing over time.

    Hours can be flexible, but afternoons/evenings would be preferred.

    Occasional weekend hours will be offered as well.

  2. DPSS443 - Personal Assistant - 20 hours - Neath (Neath)

    I am a lady in my 70s living in the central Neath area. I am looking to employ a personal Assistant, to join my team of support workers who are always with me in my home, to ensure that I am safe and promote my independence.

    1 x 20 hour post per week guaranteed; with the option of cover shifts as and when. 

    Looking to employ a PAs on a minimum of a 20 hour contract worked in shifts. Hours / shifts to be discussed in interview, but are typically 8:45am to 3:30pm, 2:45pm to 10:15pm and 9:30pm to 10:15am the next morning.

    Shifts will cover both days and nights, weekdays and weekends as the person requires 24/7 support. Shifts are on a 3 week rolling rota, allowing us to schedule leave and shifts months in advance.

    Personal Assistants will need to be flexible to cover the team’s annual leave, maternity leave and sickness. Currently two PAs are on maternity leave and staff are expected to work additional shifts until they return to work later this year.

  3. DPSS601 - Personal Assistant - 8 hours per week (weekends & school holidays) - Glyncorrwg (Port Talbot)

    I am an 8 year old boy living in the Glyncorrwg area of Port Talbot with my family. I have Autism and I am non-verbal. I enjoy playing in/with water, going for walks in the woodland where it’s quiet and visiting McDonalds or KFC. I am very cuddly. When out in the community I wear a helmet so that I do not hurt my head during a meltdown. I need constant supervision to keep me safe.

    8 hours per week (weekends only.) - School holidays are also required. 

    Saturday - 4 hours

    Sunday - 4 hours 

    Times are flexible and can be discussed and mutually agreed during interview.

  4. DPSS486 - Personal Assistant - Pontardawe - 4 hours per week (Pontardawe)

    I am a 71 year old gentleman living in the Pontardawe area. I suffered a brain injury which has resulted in me being diagnosed with Dementia. I have difficulties with my hearing, speech and mobility. I enjoy reading, doing puzzles and getting out and about. I am looking for a Personal Assistant to support me with activities that I enjoy out in the community and in my home.

    4 hours per week. - Weekend preferred however these times/days can be flexible.

  5. DPSS617 - Personal Assistant - 4 hours per week school term/ 8 hours per week in holiday term - Seven Sisters (Neath)

    I am an 8 year old girl with a friendly nature, I live within the upper valley area of seven sisters. I have autism and I am unable to communicate verbally, I use descriptive communication, and I can become louder when exited. I can at times hit out when I become frustrated. I love swimming and going to wiggleys farm and attending the trampoline park and soft play. Car driver is essential.

    4 hours per week school term/ 8 hours per week in holiday term. Flexible with times and days however looking to recruit for a Saturday 10am to 1pm, with more hours available to discuss within school holidays.

  6. DPSS548 - Personal Assistant - Baglan - 16 hours (Port Talbot)

    I’m a 27 year old man living with my family and pet dog in Port Talbot. I have Fragile X Syndrome and Prader Willi Syndrome which affects my speech and means I have autistic traits. I also have to watch what I eat. I have limited communication but I can tell you when I need something. I am very social and when I trust you I’ll want to be out and about all the time. I enjoy going for a spin in the car or out into town. When I’m not out I like to watch telly or browse the internet. I do need a lot of reassurance from my PA and because I am not aware of danger I do need to be constantly supervised. I enjoy going to Margam Park, shopping and going to town. I am an animal lover. I am very friendly and on occasion can approach people when out – the PA will need to support me in being mindful of this.


    16 hours per week - can be shared between 2 PA's

    Hours to be worked after 15:30 Mon to Fri or any time over the weekend.


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