Hepgor gwe-lywio

Bydd eich adborth yn ein helpu i wella'r wefan hon.

Swyddi Gwag Cynorthwydd Personol

The following vacancies are available for application.
  1. DPSS274 - Personal Assistant - Skewen - 14 hours per week (Neath)

    I am a lady in my forties living in the Skewen Area with my parents.


    14 hours in total to be worked as:

    Hours to be worked over 2 or 3 weekdays.

    Hours will be flexible and can be agreed in advance by mutual consent depending on what activities are going on.

  2. DPSS306 - Personal Assistant - Neath - 4 Hours on a Tuesday (Neath)

    I am a lady in my 50s living in the Neath area. I am a Guide Leader and I am looking for a Personal Assistant to support me to continue to do this.  I have a good sense of humour and enjoy being outdoors/doing activities with my brownies and guides groups. I have MS so I would require assistance in getting about in my wheelchair as I am unable to walk. I have an automatic car and would require a PA with a driving licence to drive this as well as access to their own vehicle with business insurance.


    4 hours per week on Tuesday evenings 4:30pm to 8:30pm.

    Some additional cover hours may be offered from time to time to cover annual leave and sickness of my other Personal Assistant as well as supporting me to attend other activities within brownies where required. 


  3. DPSS350 - Personal Assistant - Margam - 8 hours (Saturdays) (Port Talbot)

    I am a man in my 30s living in the Margam area with my family. I have a good sense of humour and I like a good chat. I am a car enthusiast and I love attending the car shows. I also enjoy crafts, exercising, swimming and going to the cinema.  I have complex medical needs but this will be discussed fully in the interview. I also broke my hip over 2 years ago which hasn’t fully healed. I am mobile around the house, but I need to use a wheelchair when I’m out and about, which the PA will need to push. I have a mobility car (automatic) that the PA will drive when taking me out.

    DRIVING LICENCE ESSENTIAL - PA will drive my mobility car

    MALE preferred due to personal care

    8 hours to be used on a Saturday.

    Additional cover hours may be offered from time to time.


  4. DPSS340 - Personal Assistant - 5 hrs per week - Rhyd-Y-Fro (Pontardawe)

    I’m a lady in my 30s living in quite a rural area of Pontardawe. My home is approximately 5 miles from Pontardawe cross and is accessed via a country lane. I live with my mum, pet dogs and cats. I am a wheelchair user when out and about. I have epilepsy and experience seizures daily. I am a classically trained singer and I love music, nature, photography art and attending choirs and social groups. I also help to run a social group. I am also a Welsh speaker.


    5 hours per week – possibly increasing to more.

    Hours to be used in the evenings or on the weekends as 2.5 hours each. Days and times flexible.


  5. DPSS381 - Personal Assistant - Seven Sisters - 18 Hours Per week (Neath)

    I am a man in my mid 20’s living in the Seven Sisters area. I have Autism and learning difficulties. I enjoy swimming, bike ability, walking, bowling, trampolining and being active. I enjoy going out in my local community on the bus. I need 1:1 support at all times. I have limited communication and can get anxious in new social situations. I also need some support in the house with Daily Living Tasks.

    18 hours per week. 6 to 12 of the hours to be used on a Saturday. The remaining hours to be used flexibly throughout the week, but agreed in advance.

    Rate of pay is £10.90 per hour.


  6. DPSS405 - Personal Assistant - 26 hours per week - Gwaun Cae Gurwen (Pontardawe)

    I am a happy chatty friendly lady in my 30s living within the GCG area. I enjoy arts and crafts, socialising within the community, I enjoy going to the gym and I like to make new friends. I enjoy going to the cinema, bowling, and generally like being out and about. I am easy going and very friendly, I am easy to get along with. I have Down syndrome, and I wear glasses and use hearing aids.

    26 hours per week to be discussed during interview. 



  7. DPSS614 - Personal Assistant - 14 hours per week - Port Talbot (Port Talbot)

    I am a lady living within the Port Talbot area, I enjoy a chat, I am friendly and easy to get along with. I enjoy painting by numbers, jigsaws, and crosswords. I also enjoy gardening within the spring/summer months.

    14 hours per week/ 2 hours per day. Holiday and sickness cover only.

  8. DPSS618 - Personal Assistant - 8 hours per week - Glynncorrwg (Port Talbot)

    I am a 37 year old man living in Glyncorrwg. I have challenging behaviour, and I can wander off so the PA will need to keep eyes on me. I have epilepsy. I have limited speech but I can understand what you say to me. I know a small amount of sign language. I have been described as being comical and funny. I enjoy going to the Driving Range, going Ten Pin Bowling, and going to cafes and pubs for meals.

    8 hours per week

  9. DPSS621 - Personal Assistant - 8 hours per week - Port Talbot (Port Talbot)

    I am a 33 year old lady living in central Port Talbot. I have hearing loss, but I can hear OK when I’m wearing my hearing aids. I am also partially sighted, as I have no peripheral vision, suffer with blind spots and my eyes take a long time to adjust in going between light and dark environments. This can cause me to become anxious in new places. I use a white cane when I’m out, but I can manage in a familiar environment.

    8 hours a week to be used as:

    1 ½ hours on a Monday & on a Thursday from 12:00 onward

    5 hours on a Saturday from 10:00 onward

  10. DPSS596 - 2 x Personal Assistants - 4 hours per PA, per week - Coed Hirwaun (Neath)

    I am an 11 year old boy living in the Coed Hirwaun area of Port Talbot. I am a very affectionate little boy, with a very happy, cheeky and mischievous personality. I am curious and very aware of what goes on around me. I am very sociable and love being around others. I am non-verbal, but I can let you know what I want. I have Autism and learning difficulties. I wear pull-up nappies. I have no safety awareness and I can run off – I need someone to keep eyes on me at all times.

    4 hours per PA (8 hours double staffed) to be worked on the weekend.

    Days and times are flexible - to be discussed during interview.

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