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Update 20/10/2017

We are continuing to receive information from the LiDAR (3D laser mapping) surveys which have been ongoing since August this year. Discussions and joint working with partner agencies are also continuing around issues in the area and the Council is on course to give an update at a public meeting to be held in December.


A recommendation of the Earth Science Partnership was to improve three drainage runs; one at Godre’r Graig, one at Church Road and a drainage run from Cwar-pen-y-graig-arw.

Although these are on private land, the council has carried out clearance and improvement works. At Godre’r Graig and Church Road, vegetation and overgrowth has been cleared and maintenance work has commenced.

At Cwar-pen-y-graig-arw, a disused sandstone quarry, work is underway to clear vegetation and overgrowth so that an inspection of the drains can take place.

Tree Surveys

Most of the tree surveys within the hazard area have now been completed. Analysis of the completed surveys has begun and this will identify trees that present a risk.

We would like to thank residents for their cooperation in providing access to the survey teams.

Once the survey results have been collated we will publish them on the Pantteg webpages on