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Update 22/9/17

Update 22/9/2017

This is a further update on points discussed and actions agreed at the public meeting held on 7th September 2017.

Canal and Towpath

During the last landslip in June, debris and trees came down the slope into the canal below, causing water to overflow into areas adjacent to and below the canal.

To prevent this happening again, engineers are investigating a proposal to install a pipe into the canal to maintain water flow and prevent the canal water from over spilling.

The towpath will remain closed until the detailed slope analysis and risk assessments of the area have been completed. A decision on re-opening the towpath will be considered when this information becomes available.

Tree Surveys

Tree surveys are underway across the whole hazard area. The survey will identify trees that present a risk. Many of the trees are situated within private ownership and with the agreement of owners these trees will either be removed or cut back to enhance safety. 

Highway Drainage

As requested in the public meeting, the gully cleansing schedule for Cyfyng Road, Church Road and Graig Road is published here.
We will also publish a map showing all Council maintained highway drains, gullies and culverts within this area. This will be available on our special Pantteg Landslip webpage ( in due course.

Pen Y Graig Quarry

The Coal Authority completed an inspection of Pen Y Graig Quarry, Ystalyfera, in August 2017. A further inspection, as recommended, will be undertaken during the winter months when vegetation has died back.

The report can be viewed on the Pantteg Landslip webpages here.

Residential Property Tribunal 

A tribunal was to be held on the 20th September 2017, in relation to the appeal against the originally imposed Prohibition Order submitted on behalf of the resident(s) of No. 86 Cyfyng Road.

The Council has been advised that the tribunal has now been postponed. As it currently stands there are no appeals in place in relation to any of the properties subject to Emergency Prohibition Orders on Cyfyng Road and as such all Orders remain in force.

Parties have been advised to contact the Residential Property Tribunal if they want to re-instate the appeal.