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Update 18/04/18

Four residents of Cyfyng Road, Pantteg who are challenging Neath Port Talbot council’s decision to evacuate them from their homes after a series of landslides have resumed their appeals this week.

The residents’ appeals are being heard by a Residential Property Tribunal Wales (RPTW) panel which first began hearing evidence in the case at a one day hearing in Cardiff on December 18 last year.

As more time was needed, Cardiff based RPTW adjourned the appeals until March 1 this year to another one day hearing in Cardiff which was also adjourned so more evidence could be heard.

RPTW set two further dates to resume hearing the evidence this week: the first taking place on Tuesday April 17, 2018, and what is expected to be the final one-day hearing, Friday April 20, 2018. The appeals are again being heard by the panel sitting in Cardiff.

The four appellants are challenging Neath Port Talbot Council’s decision to impose Emergency Prohibition Orders (EPOs) on three properties at Cyfyng Road back in August 2017.

The authority made the decision to impose the EPOs after being advised by its consultant geologists, Earth Science Partnership, there was “an immediate danger to life” from landslides concerning the terrace of homes which included properties lived in by the appellants. Most of those served with the EPOs in August 2017 have now been relocated.