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Update 5/10/17

This is a further update on points discussed and actions agreed at the public meeting held on 7th September 2017.

One of the discussion points in the public meeting centred around drainage in general. Residents also highlighted the need for more clarity about who is responsible for what in relation to drainage.

There is a useful guide on the council’s website, setting out the rights and responsibilities in relation to drainage, together with contact details for the relevant organisations, but here is a short summary.

The sewerage system is the responsibility of Welsh Water and all public foul water sewers in the county borough are maintained by Welsh Water.

The maintenance of private drains and sewers, such as pipes that carry effluent from properties to the main public sewer are usually the responsibility of the landowner whose property they serve.

Main rivers and major watercourses are the responsibility of Natural Resources Wales.

Land drainage is a complex area of responsibility, but in short, a landowner is responsible for the drainage of their land.  

The council has discretionary powers to ensure ditches are maintained but if we need to take action in respect of a ditch on private land we may seek to reclaim the cost from the landowner.

Highways drainage such as culverts, road gullies and pipes on public highways are the responsibility of Neath Port Talbot Council. The council looks after 30,460 gullies and 1900 culverts throughout the county borough and undertakes an annual planned maintenance programme.

In relation to Pantteg, Ystalyfera, the gully cleansing schedule for Cyfyng Road, Church Road and Graig Road was published here with a previous update.

In addition, following requests at the public meeting, we have produced two further maps. One map plotting all known drainage systems, both private and public, and another map showing the locations of all council maintained drainage. You can view both maps on our special Pantteg Landslip webpage

We continue to undertake further assessments and surveys and will publish updates in due course.