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Recycling During High Winds

Advice For Presentation Of Waste During High Winds

During high winds, waste and recycling may be blown out of the containers, especially light recycling material in the hessian bags. This can lead to an increase in litter in your street.

To help prevent litter and keep your community tidy please following these suggested tips:

  • If your recycling containers are only half full, are you able to wait until your next collection? You may also wish to take your waste to the recycling centre.
  • Put your waste and recycling containers out the morning of collection instead of the night before. Please place containers out no later than 6am and return containers as soon as possible.
  • Please only present garden waste every fortnight, on the same collection day as your wheeled bin/black bag collection.
  • Protect your waste and recycling from the wind by placing containers in a sheltered spot. If this is not possible try to place containers in a way that prevents them from being blown away. If possible, place hessian bags between the wheeled bin and plastic boxes.
  • Please ensure velcro straps are used on the hessian bags and the lid is used on the paper box.
  • Please ensure containers are not overflowing and ensure lids are closed to prevent waste being blown down the street.
  • By marking your waste and recycling containers with your house number, it is easier for crews to return the containers to the correct property.

Crews are instructed to clear any materials spilt during the recycling and refuse collections. Unfortunately, crews are not always able to clear waste that has blown long distances.

Please report any serious litter problems online at

There is no limit on the amount of recycling we will collect. Replacement or additional containers can be ordered online.