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Textiles Recycling

We no longer collect textiles at the kerbside and your recycling box (with a lid) should be used for papers and magazines only.

We have found that textiles collected in this way become contaminated, and pairs of shoes become separated, which means we cannot send them to be re-used. 

You can still take textiles to your local recycling centre or go to for more information and alternative reuse and recycling options. ​


Reusing is better than recycling – it is always better to reuse things, before we consider recycling.  Unfortunately, when we collect textiles as part of our kerbside recycling collection, the clothes become contaminated with other waste and pairs of shoes become separated, and as a result we can’t send them to be reused.

There are better collection routes available – charity shops and clothes recycling schemes ensure that the textiles don’t get mixed with other waste, and keep pairs of shoes together, this way the clothes and shoes can be reused.

More recycling – the textiles also become mixed-up with other material that we collect for recycling. This contamination makes it difficult for us to recycle these other materials, for example paper. If we stop collecting clothes, we can reduce the contamination, and recycle more.

Check for any local community events. Some local community organisations arrange clothes recycling events, where community organisations can raise money with the clothes you donate.

You can take good quality textiles, including clothes and shoes that can be reused, to charity shops and clothing banks.

Textiles can also be taken to your nearest Recycling Centre to be reused and recycled.

You can also donate new or nearly new clothing items that still have the tags on to the Reuse shop at the Briton Ferry Recycling Centre. 

For more information regarding access and to book a slot please visit

Some clothing banks and supermarket banks will accept worn out or damaged textiles.

We are aware that some retailers offer recycling schemes where you can receive a discount in store when you recycle textiles or shoes. This includes M&S, H&M and Schuh.

Please visit their websites for more information.