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Skewen Flooding Frequently Asked Questions

We are sending text messages to residents that have signed up to receive updates.
The latest information will be provided on our webpages .
If you have a question for the Coal Authority, you can contact them on their freephone helpline on 0800 288  4267 or contact their Community Liaison Officer, Melanie Beynon who is based at No. 37 Goshen Park.

Following requests at the Residents’ meetings, the 2011 mine entry inspection report and residents letters issued at the time can now be published as we have the express consent of the owners of 45 and 46 Goshen Park. This information is available to view below or you may request a copy by contacting our residents’ helpline - 0800 2884268

We have been taking water samples since the incident, which continue to confirm that there are no safety risk from the water.

Mine entry inspection & water sample reports

  • Report - 45 Goshen Park (PDF 70 KB)

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    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Report - 45 Goshen Park
    mSize: 70 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/15398/report_45_goshenpark.pdf

  • Report - 46 Goshen Park (PDF 70 KB)

    m.Id: 27892
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Report - 46 Goshen Park
    mSize: 70 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/15399/report_46_goshenpark.pdf

  • Skewen Water Quality Assessment Summary Report (PDF 98 KB)

    m.Id: 27932
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Skewen Water Quality Assessment Summary Report
    mSize: 98 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/16251/skewen-water-quality-assessment-summary-report.pdf



If you need support with your mental health and wellbeing, you can access support and resources from the below websites and organisations:

  • Adults
  • Children and young people
  • NPT MIND at
  • Melin Community Trust - Melin Community Trust are offering free counselling sessions to those who were affected by the floods in Skewen. Each person can access up to three free sessions. To find out more, contact Mark Fitzgerald by emailing or calling 07483300772.
  • Hafal Neath
  • Mind - (01639 643510)
  • One Step Counselling and mental health services – 07861210632
  • WCADA – mental health and substance misuse – 01639 620222
  • Wellbeing Through work -  01639 684568
  • Barnardo’s
  • Activate your life – free online self-help video for anyone 16+ struggling with their mental health 
  • Daylight – is free online guide to support people through worry and anxiety 
  • Samaritans helpline –
    • Freephone 116 123 
    • Samaritans self-help app – to keep track of feelings and get recommendations for things you can do to help cope, feel better and stay safe in a crisis.
  • A.L.L. Mental Health Helpline – Community Advice and Listening Line – Freephone 0800 132 737 or Text HELP to 81066
  • Access to the GP hub in Neath –
    • Contact your local GP who will then make a referral onto the mental health provision based within the GP hub
  • Neath Port Talbot Council for Voluntary Service - 

The Resident’s Incident Support Centre was set up at Abbey Primary School as part of our immediate response to support residents has now closed.

However, we are continuing to provide in-person support to affected residents and are continuing to update these webpages with the latest advice and links you may find helpful.

Here we have compiled a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ raised by Skewen residents over the last few weeks:

We understand that everyone that was affected by the floods in Skewen has had a lot to deal with both practically and emotionally. If you require support for your mental health and wellbeing, please contact your GP for advice and assistance.

The following resources may also be of help to you:

• For online resources in relation to adults please go to:
• For online resources in relation to children and young people please go to:
• For counselling support you can contact NPT MIND on 01639 643510 or email
• For a more extensive list of resources please go to the FAQs page:

If you require support to access white goods or furniture please contact the Safe and Well Service on 01639 686868 or your Local Area Coordinator, Emma Jones, on 07583 780991.

If you require independent advice on your personal situation, please contact Citizens Advice on (0808 278 7926)

If you require support in relation to your housing situation, please contact our Housing Options team on 01639 685219 or email

If you require any further information, assistance or advice not covered in the above please contact your Local Area Coordinator on: 07583 780991. Emma will be able to offer you support and redirect your call to the appropriate services/organisations based on your needs.

You can also contact Melanie, the Coal Authority's Community Liaison Officer on 0800 2884268 or call their helpline on 0800 2884268 or email

Citizens Advice Swansea Neath Port Talbot are here to provide help, advice and support to those who may not have insurance, or who may be facing challenges with insurance claims, changes in benefits claims or housing issues.

We can be contacted on our free phone line on 0808 278 7926

Or via email at 

Information is also available on our website at 

Many residents affected by the flooding have asked us where to get advice about insurance.

Advice for those with insurance:

  • Please contact your insurers as soon as possible to inform them of the flood damage
  • Read your policy and understand the insurance cover you have in place.
  • Ask them for details on how to make a claim and whether they will send out an insurance loss adjuster
  • Take photographs or video of the damage to your home and contents  
  • Don’t throw away any damaged items until you have discussed with your insurer.
  • Some insurance companies will offer you a fixed amount to settle the claim – before accepting be sure that you understand what they are offering and whether it is reasonable.  

If you need help with disposal of flood damaged items, please send us an email at to let us know when you are putting out items for our waste team to collect.

More information about Making an Insurance claim is available on the Natural Resources Wales website

Association of British Insurers - Responding to Floods: What you need to know


  • Association of British Insurers - Flood Guide Poster (PDF 118 KB)

    m.Id: 27275
    m.ContentType.Alias: nptDocument
    mTitle: Association of British Insurers - Flood Guide Poster
    mSize: 118 KB
    mType: pdf
    m.Url: /media/15146/abi-the-flood-claims-process.pdf

The cause of the incident was a blockage in historical mine workings which led to a build-up of water. It is likely that this happened over some time and when the pressure was sufficient it formed or forced a connection in a nearby mineshaft that allowed it to reach a much higher level and then find a weak spot to blow out.

The water has now found a new path and we will need to build a new water management system that has capacity for all the mine water coming down from the mine workings above Skewen.

We will now undertake two main packages of work. We will remediate the collapsed shaft by installing new support, drainage pipes and undertake engineering works to stabilise the ground and cap it to modern standards before resurfacing the road.

We will also install a new water management scheme for the mine water. The new system will use modern telemetry technology that will alert us to any changes in flow so that staff can attend promptly and it will be regularly inspected and maintained.

In the meantime, a temporary water diversion will remain in place and will be monitored carefully before, during and after periods of wet weather with extra action taken as needed to manage the flow.

Visit the Natural Resources Wales website to find out more about what to do in a flood.

You can contact Mid & West Wales Fire Service on 0800 169 1234 or visit their website for more information.

There are leaflets available in the Residents’ Incident Response Centre on how to make your home fire safe.

You can also pick up free smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at the Centre.

The Safer NPT Partnership have asked Skewen residents to be vigilant and care for their community by looking out for their neighbours in this difficult time.

If you think you've been approached by a scammer please contact Neath Port Talbot Council's Trading Standards Team 

Trading Standards
01639 686877 01639 686877 voice +441639686877

If you have concerns call 101 or 999 in an emergency.