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Making an Insurance Claim

Many residents affected by the flooding have asked us where to get advice about insurance.

Advice for those with insurance:

  • Please contact your insurers as soon as possible to inform them of the flood damage
  • Read your policy and understand the insurance cover you have in place.
  • Ask them for details on how to make a claim and whether they will send out an insurance loss adjuster
  • Take photographs or video of the damage to your home and contents  
  • Don’t throw away any damaged items until you have discussed with your insurer.
  • Some insurance companies will offer you a fixed amount to settle the claim – before accepting be sure that you understand what they are offering and whether it is reasonable.  

If you need help with disposal of flood damaged items, please send us an email at to let us know when you are putting out items for our waste team to collect.

More information about Making an Insurance claim is available on the Natural Resources Wales website

Association of British Insurers - Responding to Floods: What you need to know


  • Association of British Insurers - Flood Guide Poster (PDF 118 KB)

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    mTitle: Association of British Insurers - Flood Guide Poster
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